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I want her ass in the air, presented as a target for my matched pair of floggers. I plan on turning those cheeks bright pink. The bondage gives me a peak at her pussy, too.

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, impact, strict, torture

Her beautiful ass is fixed in the air with a steel ass hook, her nipples are clamped to the top of her cage holding her in place as she is made to come. Savannah also gets pounded in her ass while bon

Models: Derrick Pierce, Savannah Fox
Tags: M-f, anal-play, cage, forced-orgasm, hook, impact, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, squirting

It is a way of controlling someone by getting inside their head. Once I've had a minute to analyze India she is like putty in my hands.

Models: India Summer
Tags: M-f, breathplay, impact, spanking, strict, strict-gag

19 year old Alina Li comes to America and get punished and fucked by a cruel professor.

Models: Alina Li, Tommy Pistol
Tags: M-f, roleplay, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero

Beretta is back and we have Orlando in to push her into full blown subspace. He will not let her stay there, but will push this slut to the edge and back with heavy impact, strict devices, grueling pu

Models: Beretta James, Orlando
Tags: M-f, chains, forced-orgasm, hot-wax, impact, strict, torture

She has been working as a model for rope bondage and suspensions, getting her fix that way, but she came to me looking for something a bit more intense and fulfilling. I know just the thing to satisfy

Models: Odette Delacroix
Tags: M-f, hook, impact, strict, strict-gag

The ears are on a convenient little headband but to wear the tail she is going to have to insert a pretty sizable plug into her ass. This is going to be a fun day of playing with my new pet pussy.

Models: Casey Calvert
Tags: M-f, anal-play, roleplay, vetwrap

You can see it in her eyes, that stare that tells you this girl is completely under control. Even if some dark corner of her mind is screaming, her body doesn't betray the slightest hint of free will.

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, strict, strict-gag

She is stuck on the tips of her toes, trying to keep her balance while she is teased, whipped and made to cum. Every orgasm makes her weak in the knees and puts more pressure on her aching arms.

Models: Nikki Darling
Tags: M-f, impact, predicament, strappado, strict, whip

Now totally helpless, an added magicwand to her crotchrope really gets her squirming. If only her handcuffed hands could pull to closer to her pussy... she looks so painfully frustrated not able to cu

Models: Lilly
Tags: M-f, escaping, forced-orgasm, strappado

I can tell she's already in sensory overload so there's only one thing to do. Secure a Hitachi against her pussy and watch her squirm. It's a good thing she's tethered to that chain.

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, corset, forced-orgasm, handcuffs, spanking, strappado, strict

She refuses to give up and suffers through intense bastinado and a severe ass beating. Her reward for the day is having both of her whore holes filled, double penetrated and mind blowing orgasms.

Models: Elise Graves
Tags: M-f, bastinado, impact, strappado, strict, sybian, torture, zipper

She likes tight confinement, power exchange, and the feeling of being helpless. She's a very pretty girl and her the S&M is better when her bondage prevents her from thrashing or moving even and inch.

Models: Bonnie Day
Tags: F-f, impact, sensory-deprivation, strict, strict-gag, suction-tubes, tape

I wrap a nice tight tape gag around her mouth. Now if I could only remember what she did so I know how long to leave her like this.

Models: Cali Logan
Tags: M-f, chains, panty-gag, strict, tape

Finally tied to the bed, her pussy is whipped, tied, ravaged, fucked and covered in come. Room service has never been better.

Models: Dahlia Sky, Owen Gray
Tags: M-f, costume, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, whip