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I leave her to struggle a bit but not before tying her hair back to her ankles. With Hana nice and secure it's my turn to cool down with a cold beer and enjoy the show.

Models: Hana
Tags: M-f, drool, pantyhose, strict

Whatever I say, she will do. And sexually, that may be where her submission is most complete. Not only can she not stop what is happening to her, she doesn't even want to. Deep down she loves it.

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact

Before I leave I hide the keys nearby and leave her a note to find them. I can only imagine her reaction when she finally wakes up!

Models: Sarah Strawberries
Tags: M-f, handcuffs, light

Every inch of her body is checked before she is hogtied, ball gagged, whipped and forced to orgasm over and over. All while a having her pussy whipped and flogged, her nipples clamped, and while ridin

Models: Veruca James
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, horse, impact, whip

Knowing her postman doesn't come for at least a few hours Cali still gets a chill thinking what if. With the handcuff keys barely in reach she enjoys rolling on the couch waiting for her 20 minutes to

Models: Cali
Tags: f-solo, M-f, chastity, handcuffs, predicament, self-bondage

Everything is done in one take. We move her from a Category 5 suspension to a tie we call the 'Draw and Quarter' and her only problem is how turned on she gets.

Models: Calico
Tags: M-f, hardcore, impact, strict, suction-tubes, suspension, torture

I decide to make her do the work and rig her over a mounted dildo. I tell her to fuck it like it was her last fuck ever, and the crop keep her going till she is completely orgasmed out and spent. Good

Models: Luna Light
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, torture, zipper

Unable to stand up straight her back soon tires and tries to squat down only to find the collar is locked too high. I wonder how long I can keep her like this?

Models: Rayna
Tags: M-f, chains, collar, handcuffs, predicament

At last I put her on her back, spread wide open and I tie the fuck out of her, right down to her toes. Her big tits and slutty snatch are right there for the taking and I start my work. When she start

Models: Serena Ali
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, forced-orgasm, squirting, strict, sybian

Finished off with a blue ballgag she's gets right to struggling; her breasts bouncing freely as she tries. While temping to restrain her even more, I think it's best to just enjoy the view.

Models: Rachel
Tags: M-f, big-tits, chains, light

I could tell by her scrunched nose that she thought my plan was dubious at best. At least until I suspended a vibe inches above her pussy. The exercise was simple; if she wanted to cum Kizzy would hav

Models: Kizzy Lee
Tags: M-f, chains, forced-orgasm, light, orgasm-denial

While they are distracted I quickly secure two magic wands in place and letting them fly. The race begins with Lexi hitting her first of many orgasms in moments. With their hands caressing each other

Models: Amanda Amore, n/a
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, glamour, strict

A series of therapeutic interventions are employed to help her find the true path to moral integrity by allowing her to get all of her slutty behaviors acted out in a safe, sane and clinical environme

Models: Gabriella Paltrova
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, medical, roleplay, straitjacket, suspension

Determined to find a way free she gives it her all now which leaves her panting through her gag, nostrils flaring. Holding more rope in my hand Rachel tries to protest again but it's no use. She just

Models: Rachel
Tags: M-f, catsuit, glamour, light

She smells scared when the gag goes in, and when the scissors touch her nipple she stops breathing. Fresh meat.She didn't think she could do scene two, all spread out with her hips jacked to the ceili

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, strappado, strict, suspension