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The cold steel of the chastity belt cools her off quick as her cries of protest fall on deaf ears. There won't be any orgasms for Jamie today or maybe the week; I haven't decided yet.

Models: Jamie
Tags: M-f, armbinder, catsuit, chastity, collar, glamour, latex-rubber, strict

In latex stockings, heels, garter, tight leather choking collar and the single leather armbinder, she is bent back over very uncomfortable metal.

Models: Bailey Blue, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, armbinder, corset, electricity, hook, impact, strict, strict-gag

The object is spinned and single tailed. A dick on a stick with a vibrator is tied into it. It cums because it knows that is its purpose and all it is good for.

Models: Claire Adams, Marica Hase
Tags: F-f, armbinder, forced-orgasm, hardcore, impact, strict, suspension, torture, whip

Before leaving her to struggle on the bed I toss the keys to her freedom in front of her. With her arms and mouth rendered useless, she can only stare helplessly at them and struggle.

Models: Violet
Tags: armbinder, chastity, strict-gag, tickling

Just a drive through the woods with is slave in her armbinder and tied to the bed of the truck.

Models: Charlotte
Tags: M-f, armbinder, public

Finally Chastity begins in a laying down floor arch. Claire heavily flogs Chastity and canes her feet. Chastity's bondage is then transformed into a dynamic inverted spread eagle suspension, leaving h

Models: Chastity Lynn, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, armbinder, bastinado, impact, paddle, predicament, strict, suspension

Pupett is taken out for some pony training in the backyard. Complete with hood and single glove.

Models: Pupett
Tags: M-f, armbinder, forniphilia, public, strict-gag

As she struggles to get free, I pull out my new Orgasmatron and toss it on the bed. It bucks around the bed like a bull, putting any Hitachi to shame in power. Even in her helpless position, Leila tri

Models: Leila Hazlett
Tags: armbinder, corset, glamour, masturbation, strict, tape

This bitch gets stressed by her hair pulled taut in a square grid with hair everywhere. Her arms and ankles are pressed into metal stocks and her body shimmers with oil.

Models: Sheena Shaw
Tags: F-f, armbinder, forced-orgasm, stocks, strict, strict-gag, suspension

Using one of my tightest armbinders it slid up her arms like butter. Hana is so flexible in fact that even with everything strapped tight, she still had some wiggle room. Nothing a quick rope harness

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, armbinder, sensory-deprivation, tickling

Kizzy was confident she was going to get off easy until I zipped up her armbinder. She mumbled something about it not being fair through her gag. I guess I didn't mention the catsuit and armbinder com

Models: Kizzy Lee
Tags: M-f, armbinder, ballet-boots, catsuit, glamour, strappado

Claire adds the cherry on top by hammering Chastity's ass with the flogger and milking what seems to be a million orgasms from this cum begging cunt for the finale.

Models: Audrey Rose, Chastity Lynn, Claire Adams, Mz Berlin
Tags: F-f, armbinder, drool, forced-orgasm, impact, sex-analingus, sex-cunnilingus, strict, strict-gag

Pushing her limits to the max, her breasts are bound tightly and weights added. The pain is unbearable to Holly and she is made to forget her pain in relentless fucking and orgasms.

Models: Holly Michaels, James Deen
Tags: M-f, armbinder, electricity, horse, predicament, sex-blowjob, strict, suspension

Her nipples get the worst of it. Claire ties cruel twine to them and then to a support rope, so as her head bobs up and down on Mark's cock she pulls her sensitive nipples and the twine burrows deeper

Models: Lorelei Lee, Mark Davis
Tags: F-f, M-f, armbinder, bastinado, predicament, sex-blowjob, strappado, strict

Secured into a hogtie the recipe was starting to take shape but needed more. With a fist full of double ended snap hooks I spiced up her hogtie leaving her grunting and rolling, completely helpless.

Models: Deanna Deadly
Tags: M-f, armbinder, ballet-boots, chains, glamour, latex-rubber

A locking ringed collar is a good start followed by a super tight crotch rope and purple armbinder. Finishing off with a tight purple ballgag I stepped back to admire my struggling playmate. I can't w

Models: JEM
Tags: M-f, armbinder, ballet-boots, catsuit, glamour, strict

Charlotte spends the day with Gord outdoors in her corset and armbinder. That is until he wraps her in several layers of plastic wrap!

Models: Charlotte
Tags: M-f, armbinder, ballet-boots, corset, glamour, mummification, public, strict

Yummy Ashley secured in a tight armbinder and plenty of leather straps. Finished off with a duct tape gag, she's ready to play with!

Models: Ashley Renee
Tags: f-solo, armbinder, damsel, glamour

Electrodes are run to her chest so that PD can make sure she is alert and ready for the day ahead of her. It will not even be the worst part of her morning. Not by a long shot. He has a lot of electro

Models: Claire Adams
Tags: M-f, armbinder, ballet-boots, electricity, latex-rubber, strict, strict-gag

Sexy girl is chained to a bar stool and left to struggle.

Models: JEM
Tags: M-f, armbinder, chains

Her Master left her alone in chastity but things were looking up when his new slave arrived in a box. She was about to have some fun after all!

Models: n/a
Tags: F-f, armbinder, chastity, glamour, latex-rubber, strict, strict-gag

Sarah came to use looking to try something new. Lucky for her, my friends over at Winter Fetish had just sent over a delicious purple catsuit and armbinder. It wasn't long before the catsuit was huggi

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, armbinder, catsuit, glamour

PD is going to give Sybil and her tits a treatment that she will never forget. The suction cups he uses so strong they leave blisters behind. Every time PD pops her with the whip she lets out a wail t

Models: PD, Sybil Hawthorne
Tags: M-f, armbinder, breast-bondage, chains, corset, fiddle, hardcore, impact, strict, strict-gag, suction-tubes, torture

Jacqueline walks the bridge with sticky pads electrifying her ass, sending the shock waves down her legs all the way into the heels of her pretty little feet. She is helples, no one but Tommy Pistol t

Models: n/a, Tommy Pistol
Tags: F-f, M-f, armbinder, electricity, public, sensory-deprivation, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, strict-gag

All she remembers is looking at the collection of whips, crops and canes at her Mistress disposal before the blindfold was strapped on.

Models: n/a
Tags: F-f, armbinder, impact, latex-rubber, sensory-deprivation, strict, strict-gag

Two latex girls play dress-up with dildo panties, an armbinder, spreader and more.

Models: n/a
Tags: F-f, armbinder, latex-rubber

Not many pain-sluts can withstand the full force of a whip across their body. The kinds of clips and clamps that make most girls burst into tears on sight are the same ones that make Mei instantly wet

Models: Claire Adams, Mei Mara
Tags: F-f, armbinder, hardcore, predicament, strict, strict-gag, torture

Elise is aggressively frog tied and in strappado with straps tight around her body. She is hoisted up in the air to dangle like my little sex ornament. I snap some rubber bands on her extremely sensit

Models: Elise Graves
Tags: M-f, anal-play, armbinder, cane, chains, electricity, hardcore, hook, predicament, rubberband, strict, suspension

Calico has a hot box that is a perfect, tight fit. She cannot see Damon Pierce, but she knows he is there. She can sense his eyes on her. It is like she can already feel all of the things he is planni

Models: Calico, Damon Pierce
Tags: M-f, armbinder, cane, sensory-deprivation, sex-hetero, stocks, strict

Trapped in an armbinder and chastity belt. Her bondage only get stricter from there!

Models: n/a
Tags: f-solo, armbinder, chastity, pantyhose

Tasty blonde gets a taste of a heavy leather armbinder. We get to watch her try and get out!

Models: n/a
Tags: f-solo, armbinder, glamour

Charlotte separates the girls from women in this updates. Super tight bondage and locked into a form fitting box.

Models: Charlotte
Tags: M-f, armbinder, ballet-boots, corset, public, strict

Every lovely french girl needs training sometimes... Let's see how Mina licks pvc boots and hot pants!

Models: Anais, Mina
Tags: F-f, armbinder, foot-worship, glamour

Another tasty duo but with leather the restraint of choice. Simply delicious!

Models: Christina Carter
Tags: armbinder, corset, glamour

Two girls, two corsets, two armbinders and a double gag. No wonder Christina has a smile on her face!

Models: Christina Carter
Tags: F-f, armbinder, corset, crotch-rope, glamour, hot-wax

Ashley bound in several positions including a sexy armbinder hogtie... yum!

Models: Ashley Renee
Tags: armbinder, glamour, strappado

Scold's mask, armbinder, leather harness... unf!

Models: Ashley Renee
Tags: armbinder, glamour