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Amanda's suspicions didn't last long before her wrists were hiked high and secured through the very ring she was so curious about. Now her world was a balance. Pressure on her arms or pressure on her

Models: Amanda Amore
Tags: M-f, drool, hairtie, predicament, strappado, strict

With even her toes and thumbs tied securely it wouldn't be an easy task. Maybe I'll tie those elbows together to be extra sure.

Models: Lexi
Tags: M-f, drool, glamour

With drool pouring from her panel gag and covering her chest, Star is forced to ask herself the hard question. How can she hope to escape her chains if she can't even control her own drool?

Models: Star
Tags: M-f, chains, drool, strict-gag

This slut is put in inescapable devices and made to endure hardcore punishment. Upon her reward for suffering, she is given and orgasm, and that' s where the water works begin.

Models: Bonnie Rotten
Tags: M-f, drool, forced-orgasm, impact, squirting, strict

I leave her to struggle a bit but not before tying her hair back to her ankles. With Hana nice and secure it's my turn to cool down with a cold beer and enjoy the show.

Models: Hana
Tags: M-f, drool, pantyhose, strict

By the time I add a crotch rope she's left unable to find any position comfortable. Amy pleads through her gag and I just show her the timer. It's only been 5 minutes dear... 5 more to go.

Models: Amy
Tags: M-f, ballet-boots, crotch-rope, drool, predicament

For Cyd Black there is only one hunger, the drive to watch a beautiful woman suffer. This is going to be delicious.

Models: Felony
Tags: M-f, drool, forced-orgasm, impact, squirting, strict

Hazel Hypnotic has never made a secret of her need to be beaten, bound and used. She should learn to be more careful with her wishes. Cyd Black is like an evil genie when it comes to giving a woman he

Models: Hazel Hypnotic
Tags: M-f, corset, drool, impact, sensory-deprivation, strict, strict-gag, torture, whip

As Jem's drool starts to soak her panties and bra I figure why not add a little more? Some crushed ice and water bottle later I have her hopping all around.

Models: JEM
Tags: M-f, drool, light, water

The stretch in her thighs makes her pussy ache and tingle. Her arms are bound behind exposing her breasts, ripe and eager for the taking. She should be ashamed of herself, but she is far from embarras

Models: Kristina Rose
Tags: F-f, drool, impact, strict, suspension

The crotch/anal predicament is released and her holes are up for grabs. Pummeling her, squeezing every bit of cum from her body, we end the day with a thoroughly used whore will all holes wet and drip

Models: Tara Lynn Foxx
Tags: F-f, drool, forced-orgasm, hairtie, impact, predicament, strict, strict-gag, suction-tubes

No longer able to move, a zipper is added to her torso and pulled at the height of what seems to be her most intense orgasm of the day, rounding her off as clearly well used.

Models: Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, drool, forced-orgasm, impact, strappado, strict, strict-gag, sybian, zipper

Taking off her bikini top I run ice cubes over her sexy body; unable to escape my reach. By the end she's drooling uncontrollably all over herself with no relief in sight.

Models: Stormy Evans
Tags: M-f, chastity, drool, glamour, water

It's clear the vibrations are having quite an effect as the vibrating rope between Sarah's legs keeps her at a steady simmer.

Models: Sarah Strawberries
Tags: M-f, crotch-rope, drool

In her first predicament, cunt is bound in a breast / hair / elbow / crotch rope bondage predicament. First in heels she prances around with all too easy of an effort. The shoes come off, making her t

Models: Bella Rossi, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, big-tits, breast-bondage, drool, hairtie, impact, predicament, strict, suspension

To make sure she doesn't get too comfortable a heavy rubber band connects to her collar pulling her head down. Unable to keep her head upright, Rayna can't help but drool helplessly all over the floor

Models: Rayna
Tags: M-f, catsuit, corset, drool, posture-collar, predicament, rubberband

If Hana is worried she isn't showing it yet as she struggles against the ropes. As her confidence wanes, I cinch her arms into a nice strappado and add a ball gag leaving her dangling like a worm on a

Models: Hana
Tags: M-f, drool, strappado, strict

I tied her legs and prepped her for a classic hogtie. Despite her utter helplessness, Rayna doesn't give up and struggles relentlessly against the ropes. If I didn't know better, I think I've converte

Models: Rayna
Tags: M-f, drool, vetwrap

Playtime is no fun without toys though so before I undo her chains I give her a magic wand to play with. It's not long before Dixie uses the chain around her neck to her advantage as she brings hersel

Models: Dixie Comet
Tags: f-solo, M-f, breathplay, chains, drool, masturbation, self-bondage, strappado

Claire adds the cherry on top by hammering Chastity's ass with the flogger and milking what seems to be a million orgasms from this cum begging cunt for the finale.

Models: Audrey Rose, Chastity Lynn, Claire Adams, Mz Berlin
Tags: F-f, armbinder, drool, forced-orgasm, impact, sex-analingus, sex-cunnilingus, strict, strict-gag

He wastes no time getting down to the business of making her scream. It does not take much to get a good screech so Elise may as well try it all.

Models: Elise Graves, Juliette March
Tags: F-f, M-f, drool, strappado, strict, strict-gag, torture

One by one clothespins are attached with string underneath, creating a zipper in long lines across her rock hard abdomen. Her voice quivering, echos through the wooden box and out through her neck hol

Models: Elise Graves
Tags: M-f, drool, impact, predicament, sensory-deprivation, strict, suspension, torture, zipper

Isis vibrates Kristina to orgasm as JP pinches her breasts one more time. Kristina builds to an intense orgasm, cums, sucks on more dick, cums again, and cums again!

Models: Isis Love, Kristina Rose
Tags: F-f, drool, impact, predicament, sex-blowjob, stocks, strict

Things start simple enough with Kobe in the center of the room, wrists hung from a suspension ring. It's not long before I gag her and leave the Hitachi near her pussy. Between the low vibrations and

Models: Kobe Lee
Tags: M-f, drool, light

To Amanda's own surprise the chains only took a minute to apply. Just hard steel chain, padlocks, and pink handcuffs. Before she can protest, a matching pink ballgag leaves her truly speechless. Amand

Models: Amanda Amore
Tags: f-solo, chains, drool, gasmask, glamour, light

Sarah loathes peeps and I have to admit, they are vile little candies. It's not until I have her tied to a chair that I reveal my evil plan. Stuffing both her cheeks with the fluorescent colored peeps

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, drool, light, tickling, vetwrap

There's no denying it, Viorica is simply adorable in her skull corset and skirt. Cute is soon turn into hot once I tie her arms tightly behind her though. Confidence in her escape still rang high as I

Models: Viorica
Tags: f-solo, corset, drool, glamour, light

Fucked hard with a strapon, Kayla drools all over the floor, so Berlin straps a wipe to her mouth and orders her to clean up the mess. Finally Berlin orders her slave to worship her ass and show her a

Models: Kayla Paige, Mz Berlin
Tags: F-f, drool, electricity, hook, sex-cunnilingus, sex-strapon, strappado, strict, strict-gag

Christina spends some time in bondage and latex while her devious Mistress keeps her on her toes.

Models: Christina Carter
Tags: F-f, drool, glamour, impact, latex-rubber, strict-gag

As punishment for not getting her work done on time her boss gives her some remedial training holding up his whiteboard.

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, drool, forniphilia

Why not throw in some predicament? She is put into a custom designed metal bar system. Ankles are locked together, attached to her waist with her wrists. She is unable to move without applying pressur

Models: Lori Adorable
Tags: M-f, drool, hairtie, hook, predicament, strict, suction-tubes, sybian, zipper

Mei Mara is an intense masochist. If she had the chance to take the severe punishments that PD dishes out every day she would jump on it. Every strike from a cane or whip brings a blinding flash of pa

Models: Mei Mara
Tags: M-f, chains, drool, hardcore, strict, strict-gag

This tie starts out simple enough, standing spread. Then we add a nice ring gag and then put a wooden clip on her tongue to induce drooling. A little flogging to annoy her and warm her up for the stre

Models: Tiffany Tyler
Tags: M-f, drool, strict, strict-gag, suspension

Locked in a steel hogtie contraption, she's helpless against the reciprocating saw's dildo attachment.

Models: n/a
Tags: F-f, corset, drool, fucking-machine, strict-gag

In a tough standing position, held on her toes by her tied tits pulling her upwards and with arms tied behind her, she is forced to a powerful orgasm with a vibrator pressed against her clit.

Models: Chanta Rose, Sienna West
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, drool, forced-orgasm, predicament, sex-strapon, suspension

Tati's nipples are stretched to ludicrous lengths, while she stares down at them, drooling and terrified.

Models: Tati Russo
Tags: M-f, cane, drool, hardcore, suction-tubes, torture

After a nice long OTK spanking Hollie is suspended, tickled and shocked on her clit with the violet wand.

Models: Chanta Rose, Hollie Stevens
Tags: F-f, anal-play, drool, electricity, sex-strapon, spanking, suspension

We shove a dick up her tight wet cunt, keep a vibrator on her clit and plug her ass. We tie her hair to the top of the frame so we can see every emotion flash across that pretty face.

Models: Dana Vixen
Tags: M-f, drool, forced-orgasm, hardcore, zipper

After not being tied up for over a year she is clearly nervous, Chanta takes full advantage and starts her day with some manual labor while shackled.

Models: Audrey Leigh, Chanta Rose
Tags: F-f, drool, forced-labor, hairtie, sex-strapon, spanking, strappado, strict