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Amanda's suspicions didn't last long before her wrists were hiked high and secured through the very ring she was so curious about. Now her world was a balance. Pressure on her arms or pressure on her

Models: Amanda Amore
Tags: M-f, drool, hairtie, predicament, strappado, strict

Now Sarah's caught in a true predicament, pull her hair or continue to struggle. Gripping a tight hold her her bound hair I figured I'd let her have both as my finger dug into her very, very ticklish

Models: Sarah Strawberries
Tags: M-f, catsuit, hairtie, light, predicament

A few weeks later she arrives at the farm and makes her way into the upper bay of the barn. She has no idea what is in store for her, but she does know that it will be an experience that she will neve

Models: Mattie Borders
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, hairtie, impact, strict, strict-gag, water

Rayna has a hard time moving now as I finish her off with a ring in her hair and a single rope connecting the it to her toes. Now helpless and barely able to move, it'd be a shame if someone decided t

Models: Rayna
Tags: M-f, hairtie, strict-gag

While Sarah's helpless I take the liberty of gagging her and pulling her crotch rope even tighter for good measure. I'll give her a few hours to figure a way out.

Models: Sarah Strawberries
Tags: M-f, catsuit, crotch-rope, hairtie

He makes sure her sensitive parts have reached their peak sensitivity then he takes his most devious implements of torment and makes her scream for mercy. Even if she had seen it coming she could neve

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, hairtie, hook, impact, nippletie, strict, strict-gag

She begs to lick Elise's pussy. She moans whenever she feels the whip. Even if she protested, the wetness between her legs would betray her in a heartbeat. The way Henna reacts tells Elise everything

Models: Elise Graves, Hailey Young
Tags: F-f, hairtie, impact, predicament, strict, strict-gag

The crotch/anal predicament is released and her holes are up for grabs. Pummeling her, squeezing every bit of cum from her body, we end the day with a thoroughly used whore will all holes wet and drip

Models: Tara Lynn Foxx
Tags: F-f, drool, forced-orgasm, hairtie, impact, predicament, strict, strict-gag, suction-tubes

In her first predicament, cunt is bound in a breast / hair / elbow / crotch rope bondage predicament. First in heels she prances around with all too easy of an effort. The shoes come off, making her t

Models: Bella Rossi, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, big-tits, breast-bondage, drool, hairtie, impact, predicament, strict, suspension

Her ankles are tied open with a pole and she is given a very uncomfortable wedgie bondage predicament. Her ass is warmed to a nice shade of red with a thorough hand spanking.

Models: Audrey Rose
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, hairtie, predicament, strict, suction-tubes, suspension, torture, zipper

She is suspended in an intense back arch crucifixion suspension with her feet almost touching her shoulders. In the final scene, she is bound spread eagle and rides the sybian for dear life.

Models: Claire Adams, Felony
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, forced-orgasm, hairtie, hook, strict, suspension, sybian

Nyxon's predicament is all but simple. Her hair is tightly vetwrapped into a ring and attached to the ceiling. Vetwrapped hangs prevent her prying fingers from loosening any bolts as she's forced to u

Models: Nyxon
Tags: M-f, escaping, hairtie, strict-gag, vetwrap

Annika gets plenty of time to be acquainted with an intense tease session with the tazapper and relentless orgasms. Labial clamps spread her cunt nice and wide making it impossible for her clit to hid

Models: Annika, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, electricity, forced-orgasm, hairtie, impact, nippletie, predicament, strict

Sarah's glee fades as she doubles her efforts to escape her new predicament. Several minutes pass with no success and I could see her resolve waning. A buzzing vibrator makes a good motivator, but bou

Models: Sarah Strawberries
Tags: M-f, hairtie, masturbation, pantyhose

Before wrapping her head in layers of vetwrap I asked her to try and escape. I was met with an incredulous look as if to say, why would I ever want to do that? I think she likes it!

Models: Harmony
Tags: M-f, hairtie, mummification, sensory-deprivation, vetwrap

Her ankles are spread wide with a pole, and a crotch rope is added to her predicament. She loves the pain and the bondage.

Models: Ashli Orion, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, crotch-rope, fisting, forced-orgasm, hairtie, predicament, strappado, strict

I should mention that Sarah REALLY loves her hair pulled. After she gets herself all worked up I re-cuff her wrists behind her back and attach them to the hair-tie which, as you may have guessed, real

Models: Sarah Strawberries
Tags: M-f, glamour, hairtie, light, predicament

Her other leg is bound straight out and a dick is tied to her ankle, so as she struggles, she fucks herself. Torment, pain, training, orgasms... lots of opportunity to see hot AnnaBelle cum and suffer

Models: AnnaBelle Lee, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, hairtie, impact, predicament, strappado, strict

Famous porn starlet Justine Joli with creamy skin and fiery red hair gets served up fresh today, horny and eager. Some girls just have "it" and that's what Justine is. Stunningly beautiful, wants to p

Models: Justine Joli
Tags: F-f, forced-orgasm, hairtie, strict, strict-gag, suction-tubes, suspension

When she declines his request, he ties her up and punishes her for turning him on. Then he fucks her ass in bondage until she finally gives him his happy ending.

Models: Karlo Karrera, London Keyes
Tags: M-f, hairtie, hook, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero

Finally, as a final sinister torment, I loosely tie her off to a table leg pulling her off center. My plan is now all too clear. Sarah tries her best to free herself but her muscles eventually fatigue

Models: Sarah Strawberries
Tags: M-f, catsuit, corset, costume, glamour, hairtie, predicament

PD sets her up and Elise Graves knocks her around. That is the forecast for Holly Heart today. I enjoy the look of determination she wears. It looks like she has resolved not to cry, not matter how ba

Models: Elise Graves, Holly Heart
Tags: F-f, hairtie, impact, strict, torture

She is trying to hold onto her dignity. You can see it in her eyes. But PD is a master at turning good girls into wanton sluts. She is fucked.

Models: Holly Wood
Tags: M-f, fiddle, hairtie, impact, predicament, strict

"I'm going to make you cum whether you want to or not." She can't hold back her pleasure any more and bursts into an intense real orgasm. She is hoisted even further in the air where she can hardly br

Models: Jessi Palmer, Matt Williams
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, hairtie, sex-blowjob, suspension

Amber brutally fucks her with her strapon cock. Once her snatch is well warm and wet, Amber invades it with her fist and rips some powerful orgasms from her poor victim.

Models: Amber Rayne, Lexi Belle
Tags: F-f, hairtie, sex-cunnilingus, sex-strapon, strict

You can see from the look in her eyes that she is suspicious of this kind of kindness. She is right of course. He does not want her comfortable. He just wants her to relive the humiliation of being fo

Models: Nyssa Nevers
Tags: M-f, cage, hairtie, strict, strict-gag, suspension

There's nowhere for her to hide from the cock; the position is absolute. She can only accept the cock fucking back of her throat - she's helpless to do anything but cum and suck!

Models: Lyla Storm
Tags: M-f, hairtie, impact, predicament, strict, torture

We make her cum. She has no say in the matter, as her body betrays her and she cums and cums hard. We leave her to suffer in the bondage after we hike up the strappado to near unbearable levels.

Models: Hope
Tags: M-f, hairtie, impact, strappado, strict

Stappado'd, elbows together, legs spread, nipples clamped & weighted, flogged, made to cum & suffer!

Models: Isis Love, Kaylee Hilton
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, hairtie, impact, strappado, strict, suction-tubes

The tighter the rope, the bigger the challenge. The more brutal the face fucking, the harder she wants it driven to the back of her throat. She was born to please and she will not back down.

Models: Lyla Storm
Tags: M-f, breathplay, hairtie, sex-blowjob, strappado, strict, torture

We cane her, flog her, flog her shaved pussy, clamp her nipples, add weights, and face fuck her skull. We make her cum over and over. We make her squirt all over herself.

Models: Annie Cruz
Tags: M-f, hairtie, impact, sex-blowjob, squirting, strict, suspension

The two create magic on the screen as Mark masterfully puts Audrey through her paces in this ultra hot and intense session.

Models: Audrey Rose, Mark Davis
Tags: M-f, hairtie, impact, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, strict, strict-gag

Elise Graves, sexy co-top Isis Love. Elise is moved from one scene to the next, no breaks, all the tying is done on camera. We bind her elbows and wrists together then hike her up into a brutal strapp

Models: Elise Graves, Isis Love, Matt Williams
Tags: F-f, M-f, hairtie, impact, predicament, sex-blowjob, sex-strapon, strappado, strict, suction-tubes

PD was so infatuated with Nicki Blue and her tight little body last time he saw her that she knew this was going to be a very long day. Her holes are not used to the kind of work out he plans on givin

Models: Nicki Blue, PD
Tags: M-f, hairtie, impact, sensory-deprivation, strict, strict-gag, suspension

Not only does Sensi have to deal with the constrictor bondage, she has to deal with foot caning, nipple torture and ass flogging. As if that weren't enough, as we make the ropes tighter and tighter, w

Models: Rain DeGrey, Sensi Pearl
Tags: F-f, forced-orgasm, hairtie, impact, predicament, strict

Phoenix tries to be as impassive as possible, hoping that PD will get bored and move on soon, but to him it is more like a challenge. She tries to hold back the moans when he is forcing a dildo inside

Models: Phoenix Marie
Tags: M-f, hairtie, hardcore, impact, strappado, strict, suspension, torture

Rain is bent over, arms pulled back and legs spread. Matt unleashes the Williams swing on her ass, sending jolts through her body. Her nipples are suctioned then tied off with pounds of weights dangli

Models: Rain DeGrey
Tags: M-f, hairtie, impact, strappado, strict, suction-tubes, whip

Mackenzee took what we threw at her. We warmed her up with a little flogging, then warmed her up further with a vibrator. Bent back over a metal bar, we tied Mackenzee's hair to the floor. With a gag

Models: Mackenzee Pierce
Tags: M-f, big-tits, crotch-rope, hairtie, impact, predicament, strict

Elise Graves is good with her mouth. She knows how to suck a cock and she moans so prettily whenever PD decides he wants to hurt her a bit.

Models: Elise Graves, PD
Tags: M-f, anal-play, hairtie, hardcore, hook, predicament, sex-blowjob, strict, strict-gag, suspension

Tight bondage is what makes Sybil Hawthorne hot. She loves the feeling of rope against her skin. It is rough, sure, but somehow still soft. It digs into her skin and leaves lines where it has been, no

Models: Sybil Hawthorne
Tags: M-f, anal-play, breast-bondage, hairtie, hook, impact, predicament, strappado, strict, strict-gag

Tricia Oaks is no stranger to pain. She has spent enough time with PD to know what to expect. He is going to have her completely helpless. When she gets wet from that, he will know. The pain is just a

Models: Tricia Oaks
Tags: M-f, hairtie, impact, strict, strict-gag, suspension

We start simple, spread, upside down, getting flogged and generally abused. It's not the "You can't hit me too hard I'm a porn star" kind of flogging, but the serious "hit me, you pussy!" flogging.

Models: Elise Graves, Matt Williams
Tags: M-f, crotch-rope, hairtie, hardcore, impact, predicament, strict, suspension, torture

Felony's intense reactions and fierce orgasms are brought on by heavy flogging, wicked caning, tough bondage, hard spanking, and deep intense strap-on fucking in all her holes.

Models: Bobbi Starr, Felony
Tags: F-f, hairtie, hook, impact, sex-cunnilingus, sex-strapon, squirting, strict, zipper

PD had been looking for a new mouth and pussy to fuck anyway. It is a good thing Hazel was nice enough to volunteer. If she does well enough maybe he will not have to hurt her.

Models: Hazel Hypnotic, PD
Tags: M-f, breathplay, hairtie, hardcore, predicament, sex-blowjob, strict, strict-gag, suction-tubes, suspension

Blindfolded brunette spends the evening as a table and candle decoration for her boyfriend.

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, fire, hairtie, light

She is swiftly ball gagged and her huge tits are slapped, flogged, whipped and clamped. As a reward, Derrick allows Berlin to cum before having her mouth service his hard cock. Weights are added to he

Models: Derrick Pierce, Mz Berlin
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, hairtie, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, strict, suspension

Why not throw in some predicament? She is put into a custom designed metal bar system. Ankles are locked together, attached to her waist with her wrists. She is unable to move without applying pressur

Models: Lori Adorable
Tags: M-f, drool, hairtie, hook, predicament, strict, suction-tubes, sybian, zipper

She is defenseless and at the mercy of a woman who just wants to see what buttons she can push. If she was not such an insatiable slut she may actually be uncomfortable with this. For Dana, though, th

Models: Claire Adams, Dana Vixen
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, cane, hairtie, strict, torture

Ass hooked, face fck'd, made to cum so hard she begs for mercy We own her body we fck with her soul.

Models: Chanel Preston, Matt Williams
Tags: M-f, anal-play, hairtie, hook, sex-blowjob, strict

We go right at her pussy, we overload this 18yr old with orgasm after orgasm, she has never had some one make her cum so hard so often. The fact that she is helpless, makes it worse for her, no hope.

Models: Kiki Koi
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, hairtie, predicament, strict

Her breasts are cruelly bound with the thin cutting cord. Her wrists are tightly wrapped in the evil string. It's hard and unforgiving; it hurts! An ass plug is inserted and bound in place.

Models: Annika
Tags: M-f, analplug, cane, hairtie, strict

Bondage tutorial series. We decided to turn the live show into a full bondage tutorial event. We have 19 year Haley Cummings and her massive natural "FF" breasts to help us demonstrate and show you ho

Models: Haley Cummings, Isis Love
Tags: F-f, M-f, crotch-rope, hairtie, strict

Sybil Hawthorne had never heard that saying about not serving two masters. Now PD and Claire are making demands and she cannot satisfy them both. They are playing games with her mind every time one te

Models: Claire Adams, PD, Sybil Hawthorne
Tags: F-f, M-f, breast-bondage, corset, hairtie, hardcore, predicament, strict, strict-gag

Niki Blue has often fantasized about what it would be like to take a powerful and sadistic man inside of herself for the first time. She does not have experience in bondage or pain, but when she lies

Models: Nicki Blue
Tags: M-f, anal-play, cane, chains, hairtie, hardcore, hook, sex-blowjob, strict, strict-gag, suspension

Suspended in the air, held in a tight hogtie Ashley is powerless to shake off the clamps on her tits and feet.

Models: Ashley Renee
Tags: f-solo, glamour, hairtie, suspension

Dia Zerva is caught up in a tangled web, woven by Claire Adams. Every new devious design that comes up is met with a string of curses. She does want to make Claire happy, though.

Models: Claire Adams, Dia Zerva
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, hairtie, hardcore, rubberband, strict, strict-gag, torture

Iona is a 19yr old redhead with massive DD natural tits is hogtied, anal hooked, finger fucked & made to cum.

Models: Iona Grace
Tags: M-f, analplug, hairtie, hook, strict, strict-gag, suspension

Tricia Oaks is too proud. She has a perfect body but you can tell she knows it. Cyd Black has a way to completely change her attitude.

Models: Cyd Black, Tricia Oaks
Tags: M-f, hairtie, strict, strict-gag

A spreader bar is all it takes to lay Nyssa out and keep her legs opened wide. An old dental gag is perfect for doing the same to her mouth.

Models: Nyssa Nevers
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, cigarette, hairtie, strappado, strict, strict-gag

Ropes and cock make this little slut cum and cum again. Now she has to learn to beg the proper way if she wants more of a good thing.

Models: Jaelyn Fox, TJ Cummings
Tags: M-f, anal-play, blowjob, crotch-rope, hairtie, hook, sex-hetero, strict

After not being tied up for over a year she is clearly nervous, Chanta takes full advantage and starts her day with some manual labor while shackled.

Models: Audrey Leigh, Chanta Rose
Tags: F-f, drool, forced-labor, hairtie, sex-strapon, spanking, strappado, strict

After a solid spanking, Dakoda's behind turns an angry red, her clothes are ripped off her body and she's blindfolded and ordered to suck her Master's dick.

Models: Dakoda Brookes, TJ Cummings
Tags: M-f, blowjob, hairtie, sex-hetero

Sexy Hawaiian brutally hogtied suffering orgasm after orgasm until she is lying in her own squirt.

Models: Kayme Kai, Matt Williams
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, forced-orgasm, hairtie, hardcore

TJ ties his bitch up tight, flogs her ass and tits, then orders her to suck his cock, nice and slow. He takes her hard from behind with her legs spread wide.

Models: Sabrina Fox, TJ Cummings
Tags: M-f, blowjob, hairtie, sex-hetero, strappado

Former Romanian Gymnast puts her flexibility to the test as she is brutally bound on the floor.

Models: Lea Lexis, Matt Williams
Tags: M-f, anal-play, forced-orgasm, hairtie, hardcore

At the Armory everyone is fair game and Lorelei is reduced to a common whore. Heavy flogging, nipple clamps, caning, sex in bondage, ass licking, humiliation and ass fucking are all included.

Models: Lorelei Lee, Maitresse Madeline
Tags: F-f, anal-play, hairtie, hardcore, sex-lesbian, suspension

PD loves the sound of a slut like Brina James screaming for mercy, but it is even better when those screams ripple through his cock.

Models: Brina James, PD
Tags: M-f, anal-play, blowjob, breathplay, cage, cane, hairtie, hardcore, severe-gag

Trina gets the full treatment from PD in this update from public humiliation, caning, painful ropes and choking zipties.

Models: PD, Trina Michaels
Tags: M-f, blowjob, breast-bondage, breathplay, cane, glamour, hairtie, predicament, straitjacket, tickling, whip, zipties