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The first orgams hits her hard leaving her completely satisfied and lusting for more. As each orgasm washes over her she can't help wish she could stay like this forever

Models: Makenzie
Tags: f-solo, glamour, handcuffs, masturbation, self-bondage

A tight trainer gag around her head kept her nice and quiet as well. As I hung the keys just out of her reach I left her struggling to reach them. I'm guessing she's not feeling bored anymore; I know

Models: Amanda Amore
Tags: M-f, handcuffs, strict-gag

Frustration and panic setting it she knows it could be days before someone comes looking for her. About to give up she spots a key to her handcuffs hanging on the wall... will she be able to reach the

Models: Jamie
Tags: f-solo, chains, damsel, glamour, handcuffs

In her new position drool was already starting to pour out of her mouth as Jamie tried to find a way out. She knew that any minute her captor could return.

Models: Jamie
Tags: f-solo, chains, glamour, handcuffs

I can tell she's already in sensory overload so there's only one thing to do. Secure a Hitachi against her pussy and watch her squirm. It's a good thing she's tethered to that chain.

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, corset, forced-orgasm, handcuffs, spanking, strappado, strict

I dangled a vibed against her pussy to see if she could get herself off. As each minute passed I could see the pleading look in Paige's eyes.

Models: Paige
Tags: M-f, handcuffs, orgasm-denial

Before I leave I hide the keys nearby and leave her a note to find them. I can only imagine her reaction when she finally wakes up!

Models: Sarah Strawberries
Tags: M-f, handcuffs, light

Knowing her postman doesn't come for at least a few hours Cali still gets a chill thinking what if. With the handcuff keys barely in reach she enjoys rolling on the couch waiting for her 20 minutes to

Models: Cali
Tags: f-solo, M-f, chastity, handcuffs, predicament, self-bondage

Unable to stand up straight her back soon tires and tries to squat down only to find the collar is locked too high. I wonder how long I can keep her like this?

Models: Rayna
Tags: M-f, chains, collar, handcuffs, predicament

Pulling out the Hitachi to pass the time reveals his final trick... a padlock on the plug! Furious (and frustrated), there's nothing she can do but hope he's home soon.

Models: JEM
Tags: f-solo, handcuffs, pantyhose, self-bondage

Leila squirms around the room trying to find the right keys she doesn't know that half of them are decoys. I have a feeling she's going to be stuck for a long while!

Models: Leila Hazlett
Tags: M-f, escaping, handcuffs, sensory-deprivation

Her self-bondage is complete when she locks her Darby cuffs to her crotch rope and tosses the keys out of reach. Pull the zipper off to win the bet or *gulp* chicken out? Viorica knows she's got to ma

Models: Viorica
Tags: f-solo, crotch-rope, escaping, handcuffs, predicament, zipper

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