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The marks of her devotion are plain to see within seconds. Every stroke from a cane or whip leaves a line across her delicate skin, like a signature. Every bruise will be a reminder of the time she sp

Models: Bunny
Tags: M-f, breathplay, impact, nippletie, reverse-prayer, strict, torture, whip

She make think she is going to get her way with this but we're going to see how well she handles it when things start off going her way and escalate out of her control. She has rather perverse tastes

Models: Elise Graves
Tags: M-f, messy, predicament, public, reverse-prayer, strict

Desperate whore Amber is in need of a ride. She is out in the middle of nowhere. Completely isolated and convenient for two sadistic predators Maestro and Claire to pick up a woman in need of some def

Models: Amber Rayne, Claire Adams, Maestro
Tags: F-f, M-f, impact, public, reverse-prayer, sex-blowjob, strict, whip

After adding a foam gag my little decoration came to life as she tries to get free. As Nyxon hopelessly struggles one question remains, does she deserve a trick or a treat?

Models: Nyxon
Tags: M-f, catsuit, reverse-prayer, tape

Escape but a distant dream which is squashed when I ratchet on her thumbcuffs. A wiffle ball trainer gag leaves her drooling and moaning while attached to the ceiling with more chain.

Models: Leila Hazlett
Tags: M-f, chains, forced-orgasm, pantyhose, predicament, reverse-prayer, strict, strict-gag

It really is amazing how well you can bind a girl with just a few roll of electrical tape. Combine that with amazing flexibility and you have Nyxon in a strict reverse prayer.

Models: Nyxon
Tags: M-f, reverse-prayer, strict, tape

Dixon Mason is a pretty new slut that has decided she wants to work with PD. It is a decision he will make sure she does not regret. She has talked about nothing but her need for bondage and disciplin

Models: Dixon Mason
Tags: M-f, big-tits, breast-bondage, impact, reverse-prayer, strict, strict-gag

This natural redhead is as tough as she is beautiful. Bound sitting on a wooden horse in a brutal reverse prayer, Marie is already suffering and we haven't touched her yet. With her ankles tied back,

Models: Marie McCray
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, predicament, reverse-prayer, strict, suction-tubes

Mz. Berlin gets to work on her bitch tied in a reverse prayer, she applies the clothespins all over and canes her ass without mercy. Tied up and suspended, Kristine quickly learns not to be fresh with

Models: Mz Berlin
Tags: F-f, anal-play, analplug, cane, corset, electricity, reverse-prayer, strict, strict-gag, suspension

Local amateur girl in her first hardcore bondage shoot. Reverse prayer & flogged her perfect ass.

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, ametuer, reverse-prayer, strict

For Rain Degrey this fantasy does not end in smiles. She came to PD because she wanted him to lay her bare and that is what she has gotten. She asked for a total power exchange; a way to give herself

Models: PD, Rain DeGrey
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, breathplay, cane, hardcore, reverse-prayer, suspension, torture, whip

Being young, pretty and fresh is an advantage in life most days, but when PD is tying you to a chair being sweet is begging to be violated.

Models: PD
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, hardcore, reverse-prayer, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, strict, suspension

In between the vicious face slapping, forced orgasms and rough ass fucking, Chanta's latest bitch screams "Amber Rayne is not a pussy, Amber is Chanta's ass slut"

Models: Amber Rayne, Chanta Rose
Tags: F-f, anal-play, foot-worship, forced-orgasm, reverse-prayer, sex-strapon, strappado, strict

Lady Diva is there for another rope session ! there is no mistery... take a nice sexy girl, put her in front of a white wall, dressed with nylon bodysuit and you will get cool pictures if she's able t

Models: Lady Diva
Tags: f-solo, breast-bondage, crotch-rope, glamour, reverse-prayer, strict