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I didn't take long in satiating her curiosity by adding another set of rubber bands pulling her limbs tighter apart. When I held up a pair of nipple clamps she really pulled against the bands but it w

Models: JEM
Tags: M-f, chains, glamour, rubberband, strict-gag, vetwrap

Befored strapping her gag in she asks if she's allowed to escape. I tell her of course she is, she can get free anytime she wants. I can tell she deems it a trivial task and gets to work. Seconds turn

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, light, rubberband, tickling

Starting the timer at one minute and on a low setting Jamie does her best to prevent herself from cumming. I repeat the test with two and three minute intervals.

Models: Jamie
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, rubberband

Once I have her gagged I setup a vibrator harness to keep her company. Little did I know at the time but she is VERY sensitive down there and had her melting on the lowest setting. The excitement only

Models: Hannah Perez
Tags: M-f, big-tits, forced-orgasm, pantyhose, rubberband

Mz. Berlin dominates Lorelei Lee in a sensual lesbian domination session with nothing but household items: plastic ties, rubber bands and clingfilm.

Models: Lorelei Lee, Mz Berlin
Tags: F-f, cattle-prod, corset, electricity, impact, rubberband, strict, zipties

To make sure she doesn't get too comfortable a heavy rubber band connects to her collar pulling her head down. Unable to keep her head upright, Rayna can't help but drool helplessly all over the floor

Models: Rayna
Tags: M-f, catsuit, corset, drool, posture-collar, predicament, rubberband

In some ways her predicament is worse than a typical hogtie; she can't even turn over! Billie gives it her all but I have a feeling it will be awhile before any of those bands decide to let her go.

Models: Billie
Tags: M-f, light, rubberband

Coral Aorta is a filthy whore, and thanks to Princess Donna and Mr. Pete, she now has the tattoo to prove it.

Models: Coral Aorta, Mr. Pete
Tags: M-f, public, rubberband, sex-anal, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero

Every struggle now just pressed it harder against her pussy and right on target. After her first orgasm, Dixie tried everything she could to stop the next one... not a chance.

Models: Dixie Comet
Tags: M-f, corset, forced-orgasm, glamour, rubberband

From the moment her overconfident wry smile appeared I knew I was about to have some fun. Once Billie found out she was going to get bound with rubber bands escape was a given for her. Playful tugs pr

Models: Billie
Tags: M-f, corset, gasmask, light, rubberband

Her feet and legs are brutally whipped to show her we meant what we said. The torment continues to almost a breaking point, and we finish her off with one final band snap to her asshole.

Models: Amber Rayne
Tags: F-f, M-f, impact, rubberband, strict, torture

Still not satisfied with her, I shove the magic wand inside of her cunt and tease and deny her of any orgasm until she is ready to explode. The last orgasm shoots the vibe right out of her sopping cun

Models: Dylan Ryan
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, rubberband, squirting, strict, torture

Sometimes a girl just wants to look pretty is rope while I want to make sure she can't get free. It was almost too easy really, she was too focused on the next color I was going to put on. Before Sara

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, glamour, light, rubberband, tickling

Misti is folded over heels over head with pussy out and about. Her milky skin is introduced to the cane. Her tender soles stung by black bands with her nipples properly clamped. Next she is tightly ch

Models: Misti Dawn
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, breathplay, chains, electricity, gasmask, predicament, rubberband, strict, sybian

As of late Bobbi's been used to only dishing it out but today just for us she's tied, tortured, fucked and suffers beautifully! If you missed the live show this is the hot lesbian punishment and actio

Models: Aiden Starr, Bobbi Starr
Tags: F-f, cane, horse, hot-wax, rubberband, sex-anal, sex-cunnilingus, sex-strapon, strict-gag, suspension

Jade is tightly fastened to the steps using relentless metal straps. Her arms, wrists, legs, ankles and neck immobile, leaving her chin planted on the edge unable to hide that pretty face.

Models: Jade Indica
Tags: M-f, cane, chains, rubberband, strict, suction-tubes, suspension

Lindy is first pinned up against a post with her cute little ass puckered out. She takes a relentless whipping on her backside. Her nipples are clamped around the post keeping her hugged tightly to th

Models: Lindy Lane
Tags: M-f, cane, fucking-machine, hot-wax, predicament, rubberband, strict, torture, vetwrap, whip

Dia Zerva is caught up in a tangled web, woven by Claire Adams. Every new devious design that comes up is met with a string of curses. She does want to make Claire happy, though.

Models: Claire Adams, Dia Zerva
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, hairtie, hardcore, rubberband, strict, strict-gag, torture

Elise is aggressively frog tied and in strappado with straps tight around her body. She is hoisted up in the air to dangle like my little sex ornament. I snap some rubber bands on her extremely sensit

Models: Elise Graves
Tags: M-f, anal-play, armbinder, cane, chains, electricity, hardcore, hook, predicament, rubberband, strict, suspension

Zak Tyler finishes his Divine training by serving the Queen Bee. He's paddled, whipped, blindfolded and humiliated. Madeline teases Zak with a set of castration bands and endures tough CBT t

Models: Maitresse Madeline, Zak Tyler
Tags: F-m, latex-rubber, rubberband, sex-strapon, torture

Boobs (Ruby Reaper) is chained to the wall and thrown onto a sybian. Her feet off the ground as gravity does its work smashing that hungry cunt onto the relentless monster of a vibrator.

Models: Juliette March, Ruby Reaper
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, breathplay, forced-orgasm, gasmask, rubberband, strict, sybian, torture

Most women have no idea how to process orgasm overload. That is when you make the body cum so hard and often in a short time that it can actually short circuit the brain. This can only be accomplished

Models: Haley Cummings
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, forced-orgasm, rubberband, strict

Big tits, glasses and tats; all the motivation I need to sexually demolish her innocence.

Models: Ruby Reaper
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, breathplay, cane, hook, rubberband, strappado, strict, whip

This hot update includes flogging, spanking, nipple torture with castration bands, humiliation, pussy worship and strap-on ass fucking.

Models: Chanel Preston, Nika Noire
Tags: F-f, anal-play, rubberband, sex-lesbian, sex-strapon, strict, strict-gag, torture

Crystal wants a good, hard fucking, but making her cum is not interesting to him. He wants to hear her scream and he has no qualms about it.

Models: Crystal Frost, Cyd Black
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, cane, predicament, rubberband, strict

We rubber band her feet, clamp and weight her cute little pink nipples. Really that's just icing on the cake though.

Models: Krysta Kaos
Tags: M-f, breathplay, forced-orgasm, fucking-machine, hardcore, rubberband, suspension

Tati with the vibrator, then tie the nipple clamps to her toes and cane her all over her precious little body just to watch her squirm.

Models: Tati Russo
Tags: M-f, cane, forced-orgasm, hardcore, rubberband, torture

Pain slut takes some brutal punishment & orgasms. Extreme cunt & nipple torment with rubber bands... fucking ouch!

Models: Krysta Kaos
Tags: M-f, cane, hardcore, rubberband, torture