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Ripped stud gets his hole shocked and filled at Mr. S Leather Store.

Models: Josh West
Tags: M-m, analplug, electricity, sex-anal, sex-blowjob, sex-gay, strict, suspension

Naked and in tight bondage, sexy stud Cameron Adams is dragged through the cheering crowd of thousands like a dog and humiliated at Folsom Street Fair.

Models: Cameron Adams, Drew Cutler
Tags: M-m, analplug, public, sex-blowjob, sex-gay

Dylan Deap is taken to the barbershop for a haircut. He gets horny and sucks all the customers. The barber runs the clipper down the middle of his head.

Models: Dylan Deap, Josh West
Tags: M-m, anal-play, cane, public, sex-blowjob, sex-gay, shaving

They cuff Adam and strip him naked. The entire gym joins in and smacks the asshole down.

Models: Nick Moretti
Tags: M-m, analplug, public, sex-blowjob, sex-gay

DJ is tied up, blindfolded and naked in a bar of horny drunken men.

Models: Josh West
Tags: M-m, anal-play, public, sex-blowjob, sex-gay

It costs us $20 to get into the arcade so we make Dominik service the men in the theater for tips. He earns a dollar at time and we beat him for being so damn slow.

Models: n/a
Tags: M-m, public, sex-blowjob, sex-gay

Josh West takes Patrick Rouge who is bound and blindfolded through the crowd. Patrick is made to greet the guests by sniffing their crotches and he begs for them to take off his clothes.

Models: Josh West, Patrick Rouge
Tags: M-m, public, sex-blowjob, sex-gay, suspension

Spencer Reed binds Gianni Luca with duct tape and throws him in the back of the van for a joy ride. He pulls into an auto garage and not long before the mechanics and customers join in with the fun.

Models: Gianni Luca, Spencer Reed
Tags: M-m, blowjob, public, sex-gay, suspension

They make him suck cocks and violate his hole with the electric drilldo. Once his hole is nice and loose, everybody lines up and ram his virgin ass.

Models: Christian Wilde
Tags: M-m, anal-play, blowjob, foot-worship, humbler, sensory-deprivation, sex-gay

Troy Daniels is a cum whore and he's starving for cocks. Nick Moretti takes him into the cruisy men's room to satisfy his hunger.

Models: Nick Moretti, Troy Daniels
Tags: M-m, anal-play, blowjob, public, sex-gay, suspension

They pour wax all over his body as the crowd goes wild. Shane is beaten to submission and willingly services the guests' cocks.

Models: Van Darkholme
Tags: M-m, blowjob, hot-wax, public, sex-gay, suspension

Christian and Cole blow their huge loads all over his hungry face. The bar patrons yell and applause in disbelief!

Models: Christian Wilde
Tags: M-m, blowjob, public, sex-gay, stocks

Sebastian Keys has never been tied up and Brenn Wyson takes him to Mr. S Leather for a little demo.

Models: Brenn Wyson, Sebastian Keys
Tags: M-m, blowjob, public, sex-gay, suspension

Jake is made to sniff crotches, lick boots, and have cocks rammed into his holes by anyone willing to take advantage.

Models: Christian Wilde, Jake Austin
Tags: M-m, anal-play, blowjob, double-penetration, foot-worship, public, sex-gay

Luke Riley is paraded around like the piece of meat at Up Your Alley Aka Dore Alley Fair. He's dragged through the gutters of Dore Alley with his hard cock tied up.

Models: Josh West
Tags: M-m, anal-play, blowjob, chastity, hardcore, public, sex-gay, torture

When the resident prick of the caf? won't stop harassing his co-worker for being a "fairy", the staff and the customers fight back.

Models: Vennue Longhorn
Tags: M-m, blowjob, public, sex-gay

They receive him with open arms as they grope and stroke his raging hard cock. Trent is made to suck the guest's cocks before choking on Josh West's massive member.

Models: Josh West, Trent Diesel
Tags: M-m, blowjob, electricity, public, sex-gay