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Cyd Black puts her on her belly in a hog tie with rope running through her crotch. It is more than enough to get her thinking about all the other dirty little things she would love to have done to her

Models: India Summer
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, strict, strict-gag, tape

Frustrated she tries harder but the vinyl tape is not forgiving. Ruthie is more than ready for the Hitachi when I secure it in place. Buzzing away it doesn't take long for her to climax, and again, an

Models: Ruthie
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, sensory-deprivation, tape

The real fun starts when her legs are taped together forcing the vibrator in her most sensitive of places. It doesn't take long before she too is in awe of the forced orgasm!

Models: Ruthie
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, strict-gag, tape

To make things even more challenging her feet are bound together and hair tied back into an almost immovable position.

Models: Jamie
Tags: M-f, ballet-boots, catsuit, forced-orgasm, glamour, strict, tape

She likes tight confinement, power exchange, and the feeling of being helpless. She's a very pretty girl and her the S&M is better when her bondage prevents her from thrashing or moving even and inch.

Models: Bonnie Day
Tags: F-f, impact, sensory-deprivation, strict, strict-gag, suction-tubes, tape

I wrap a nice tight tape gag around her mouth. Now if I could only remember what she did so I know how long to leave her like this.

Models: Cali Logan
Tags: M-f, chains, panty-gag, strict, tape

She strains desperately against the rope, hoping for a bit of relief but we have a long day planned for her and nothing is that easy.

Models: Miah Gold
Tags: M-f, impact, strict, strict-gag, tape

Just when she's ready to give up I plug in the magic wand wrapped inside sending her into a frenzy. Jamie can only lay helpless as the corset and tape compress her into orgasmic bliss.

Models: Jamie
Tags: M-f, corset, forced-orgasm, glamour, mummification, strict, tape

With her mouth well gagged by her own hand, what really gnawed at her was that she had asked for this and even helped! I may have added a bit more than she expected, but Serene didn't seem to be in a

Models: Serene Isley
Tags: M-f, crotch-rope, predicament, strappado, strict, strict-gag, tape

What better way to start the fun than a super tight electrical tape armbinder. With two layers of 2" tape going up and down her arms escape wasn't even remotely possible.

Models: Hana
Tags: M-f, strict, tape

Starting with her legs and elbows taped tightly together, she futilely tests her bonds. Serene protests the gag at first, something about it being too big, but fills her mouth perfectly.

Models: Serene Isley
Tags: M-f, catsuit, glamour, latex-rubber, strict, strict-gag, tape

In Leeda's case her cocky attitude was well subdued after only 5 minutes of struggling to no avail. Then again, that could have just been the layers of electrical tape I wrapped around her mouth!

Models: Leeda
Tags: M-f, light, strict-gag, tape

With Leila almost immobile there was only one thing to do. Chain her hair back and leave her in a star of chain!

Models: Leila Hazlett
Tags: M-f, chains, strict, tape

Claire goes after her with the tazapper relentlessly until Audrey pleads. This time there is no stopping the vibrator or the insane amount of orgasms this cum hungry whore has.

Models: Audrey Hollander
Tags: F-f, electricity, forced-orgasm, impact, pantyhose, predicament, strict, strict-gag, suspension, tape

When she eventually finds the vibe mounted to a small table Amy she wastes no time straddling it, riding it for all it's worth!

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, catsuit, glamour, masturbation, sensory-deprivation, strict, tape, vetwrap

He whips her cunt until she is wet. She is aroused but it will be a long time before she feels any kind of release. Only after PD has worked her into a complete frenzy will her cunt get anything but t

Models: Mae Meyers
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, strict, strict-gag, tape, whip

To her credit, despite the zip ties Rayna manages to wiggle out of some of the plastic. Not to worry though, I wrap a thicker and tighter layer over her. I'm sure to remind her there are hundreds more

Models: Rayna
Tags: M-f, mummification, panty-gag, tape

To fully test each one's effectiveness I tickle her mercilessly to see who loud Briella can get. By the end we get our result and she gets her treat, a vibrator buzzing between her legs.

Models: Briella Jaden
Tags: M-f, pantyhose, strict, tape, tickling, vetwrap

He manhandles her while roughly securing her so that she has no escape. It hurts her so much more knowing that struggling will get her nowhere. Even when he frees her it is just to tie her up again.

Models: Cici Rhodes, PD
Tags: M-f, impact, sex-blowjob, strappado, strict, tape

As she struggles to get free, I pull out my new Orgasmatron and toss it on the bed. It bucks around the bed like a bull, putting any Hitachi to shame in power. Even in her helpless position, Leila tri

Models: Leila Hazlett
Tags: armbinder, corset, glamour, masturbation, strict, tape

Hannah squirms on the floor hoping for a weak spot but the tape is too strong. Tossing a roll in my hand I can't help but wonder, is there such a thing as too much tape? Hannah's about to find out!

Models: Hannah Perez
Tags: M-f, big-tits, catsuit, glamour, strict, strict-gag, tape, vetwrap

If things were not challenging enough, I pull some hose over her head and wrap tape over her eyes and over her ball gag pushing it in even tighter. If only she could see how sexy she looks!

Models: Rayna
Tags: M-f, pantyhose, sensory-deprivation, tape, vetwrap

After adding a foam gag my little decoration came to life as she tries to get free. As Nyxon hopelessly struggles one question remains, does she deserve a trick or a treat?

Models: Nyxon
Tags: M-f, catsuit, reverse-prayer, tape

Ariel tries to squirm away but the chains hold fast. I try to decide to add more chain or maybe a bit of ticking. Both. Definitely both.

Models: Ariel
Tags: M-f, chains, light, pantyhose, tape, tickling

All three are young, sexy and completely helpless. They will each get more cock than they can handle and either learn to love it or scream for mercy.

Models: Cassandra Calogera, Lyla Storm
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, strict, strict-gag, tape

By the time Ariel's frustration had reached its peak the duct tape's adhesive had turned to goo and clinging to her skin. The only way out was to cut the tape and her clothes!

Models: Ariel
Tags: M-f, glamour, tape

It really is amazing how well you can bind a girl with just a few roll of electrical tape. Combine that with amazing flexibility and you have Nyxon in a strict reverse prayer.

Models: Nyxon
Tags: M-f, reverse-prayer, strict, tape

She is useful as one thing, a girl to look at and holes to bang. We stuff her full of cock and Ta Da. She's a porno superstar!

Models: Jessie Rogers, Toni Ribas
Tags: F-f, M-f, breathplay, sex-anal, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, tape