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I want her ass in the air, presented as a target for my matched pair of floggers. I plan on turning those cheeks bright pink. The bondage gives me a peak at her pussy, too.

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, impact, strict, torture

Beretta is back and we have Orlando in to push her into full blown subspace. He will not let her stay there, but will push this slut to the edge and back with heavy impact, strict devices, grueling pu

Models: Beretta James, Orlando
Tags: M-f, chains, forced-orgasm, hot-wax, impact, strict, torture

She refuses to give up and suffers through intense bastinado and a severe ass beating. Her reward for the day is having both of her whore holes filled, double penetrated and mind blowing orgasms.

Models: Elise Graves
Tags: M-f, bastinado, impact, strappado, strict, sybian, torture, zipper

Her body is covered in pegs, in all of the sensitive spots, then beaten off, leaving the room full screams. Kristina is then moved to the floor and put in a device that has her legs spread as wide as

Models: Kristina Rose
Tags: M-f, breathplay, hook, impact, strict, strict-gag, suspension, torture

The marks of her devotion are plain to see within seconds. Every stroke from a cane or whip leaves a line across her delicate skin, like a signature. Every bruise will be a reminder of the time she sp

Models: Bunny
Tags: M-f, breathplay, impact, nippletie, reverse-prayer, strict, torture, whip

Everything is done in one take. We move her from a Category 5 suspension to a tie we call the 'Draw and Quarter' and her only problem is how turned on she gets.

Models: Calico
Tags: M-f, hardcore, impact, strict, suction-tubes, suspension, torture

I decide to make her do the work and rig her over a mounted dildo. I tell her to fuck it like it was her last fuck ever, and the crop keep her going till she is completely orgasmed out and spent. Good

Models: Luna Light
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, torture, zipper

Her body starts to weaken and her mind starts to fade into that place that only girls that have been fucked into oblivion know about. The speed is increased more and more until this whore is a sloppy

Models: Krysta Kaos
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, predicament, strict, torture, whip

A philosopher once suggested bringing a whip to any encounter with a woman. He may have been joking, but it is still some damn good advice. Alyssa Branch is the kind of girl we love to tame.

Models: Alyssa Branch
Tags: crotch-rope, impact, strict, torture, whip

In order to make it day to day in the convent she must pay the biggest price submitting to Mother Superior's every whim! Spanking, candle wax, heavy paddling, single tail whipping, strap-on fucking in

Models: Ana Foxxx, Chanel Preston
Tags: F-f, impact, masturbation, roleplay, sex-strapon, stocks, torture, whip

She wanted to be pushed, physically and mentally, and you bet that she was closer to the edge than she has ever been before. These positions were all designed with her in mind, knowing that she could

Models: Iona Grace
Tags: M-f, anal-play, forced-orgasm, impact, strict, strict-gag, suspension, torture

This is the perfect predicament for Sarah Jane Ceylon. She is bound so tightly that she can't even move enough to get the vibrator away from her clit. Each time she cums she pulls against her bondage,

Models: Sarah Jane Ceylon
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, predicament, torture

Her clothes are ripped from her body and she is used like the whore that she is.Next she has to sustain a back break arch with only her feet and the top of her head touching the floor.

Models: Lyla Storm
Tags: M-f, chains, impact, stocks, strict, strict-gag, suspension, torture

They are tied separately, they are tied together, and they are tied and used against each other. The predicaments are grueling on their bodies, and the torment destroys their desires, and only has the

Models: Juliette March, Nikki Darling
Tags: M-f, impact, predicament, strict, torture

Her natural tits bound by rubber and metal, her body held still by sadistic devices, her body and mind abused by a sick and twisted man, and her pussy commanded to release every orgasms it has for our

Models: Bella Rossi
Tags: breast-bondage, hot-wax, impact, stocks, strict, torture

The pain comes in waves, as she has to decide what hurts worse, the cane, the single tail whip, or a large handed spanking. In the final scene, she is spread wide and perched atop a small platform, ju

Models: Beretta James
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, predicament, spanking, strappado, strict, sybian, torture, whip, zipper

Bonnie suffers so beautifully with nipple torture, dick on a stick, handcuffs and strap-on ass fucking to uncontrollable orgasms. Once Bonnie knows her place she's dressed in heels and a leather corse

Models: Bonnie Day, Mz Berlin
Tags: F-f, cage, sex-cunnilingus, sex-strapon, strict, strict-gag, torture, whip

Claire ensures that this time will be more intense than the last with heavy latex, two extreme suspensions, and a final position that stretches her to her breaking point. The corporal punishment is sa

Models: Claire Adams, Darling
Tags: F-f, impact, sensory-deprivation, strict, strict-gag, suspension, torture

City living can be such a distraction, with the clubs, parties, clothes and cell phones. A few hours stripped down and tied to a post in the mud will be a great start for clearing her mind.

Models: Cici Rhodes
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, hardcore, impact, public, strict, strict-gag, torture, zipper

A few sharp strikes will have her pussy wet and her eyes glazed over, but without that she is just bored and frustrated. We like her too much to see her like that. Clearly we are going to have to puni

Models: Dixon Mason
Tags: M-f, impact, strict, torture, zipper

This is the first day of Tracy Sweet's week long exploration into bondage. She is fit, used to grueling work outs and physical challenges, but how well has her training prepared her to deal with The F

Models: Tracy Sweet
Tags: M-f, impact, predicament, strict, strict-gag, torture

Jamming that filthy cock down her slutty throat makes her cunt gush, and I go back and forth fucking each hole in turn till we are all satisfied that she is completely used up. Good shoot Lyla - now g

Models: Lyla Storm
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, strict, suspension, torture

Her adventure begins when I lead her out back of the barn by a the metal cable around her throat. Her journey is not going to end until I have heard enough of her pained and terrified screams.

Models: Rain DeGrey
Tags: M-f, breathplay, drowning, hardcore, impact, predicament, public, strict, torture, water

I run a knotted rope tight across her damp panties, push her to the ground and get my whip.The site is called HOGTIED, so I do a simple and strict tie that twists her back like a fucking pretzel and p

Models: Darling
Tags: M-f, hardcore, impact, squirting, strict, strict-gag, torture, zipper

Throughout the whole day she is tormented in vulnerable metal and leather bondage. She submits to a creamy fisting, zipper, weights, fatigue position, challenging caning, and lots of corporal discomfo

Models: Andre Shatki, Mz Berlin
Tags: F-f, fisting, impact, predicament, strict, torture, zipper

From a religious rearing, Tracey is fascinated with the philosophy of bondage. The act of being disgraced on camera gets her incredibly wet, so her day was designed around a rigid ladder and challengi

Models: Tracy Sweet
Tags: F-f, impact, strict, strict-gag, torture, zipper

The water boarding scene will warp you soul as you watch her suffer through fourteen minutes of this. We shot it with no holds, or cuts, so that you can witness the true non-stop mind fuck she has to

Models: Elise Graves
Tags: M-f, cattle-prod, electricity, forced-orgasm, strict, suspension, torture, water

A cunt hook is added. She is uncomfortably challenged with the cane and nipple weights. After satisfying our whims of being in enough discomfort, She is made to cum.Finally, we need to see all of her

Models: Ana Foxxx, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, bastinado, forced-orgasm, hook, impact, predicament, strappado, strict, suspension, torture

She starts off in a hellish hog-tie, one where is back is arched so much her hips have to bear her entire body. Then I tie her face down and ass up so I can keep her perfectly placed for punishment.

Models: Mira Raine
Tags: M-f, impact, strict, torture

Hazel Hypnotic has never made a secret of her need to be beaten, bound and used. She should learn to be more careful with her wishes. Cyd Black is like an evil genie when it comes to giving a woman he

Models: Hazel Hypnotic
Tags: M-f, corset, drool, impact, sensory-deprivation, strict, strict-gag, torture, whip

I put her through a series of bondage positions that get progressively more intense. With each new position comes another round of corporal punishment. She'll be more than a little sore in the morning

Models: Rain DeGrey
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, forced-orgasm, hardcore, strappado, strict, torture

The object is spinned and single tailed. A dick on a stick with a vibrator is tied into it. It cums because it knows that is its purpose and all it is good for.

Models: Claire Adams, Marica Hase
Tags: F-f, armbinder, forced-orgasm, hardcore, impact, strict, suspension, torture, whip

We see Nikki on her back like the whore that she is with her legs bound firmly above her head. She gets treated to clit and nipple suction and a hardcore zipper while Clair fucks her tight pussy with

Models: Claire Adams, Nikki Daniels
Tags: F-f, hook, impact, strict, torture, whip, zipper

Coral said she likes to be tightly bound and forced to complete difficult takes. I thought it would be fun to watch her try to pick up weights with her nipple clamps while struggling against the rough

Models: Coral Aorta
Tags: F-f, crotch-rope, impact, strict, torture

Position 3 is a simple back arch with creative nipple clamps stretching her breasts taut. She has a great caning session to top it all off! A very intense scene with great chemistry between Dom and Su

Models: Claire Adams, Nerine Mechanique
Tags: F-f, impact, strict, suspension, torture

Well, Wenona told Cyd that having her pussy played with makes the rest of the world not matter. If she is going to make a claim like that she has to expect that he will test it. He'll see just how muc

Models: Elise Graves, Simone Sonay
Tags: F-f, hook, impact, strict, strict-gag, torture

As she builds Sarah Jane up to her intense orgasms, Elise makes her pay for them with screams of pain. The rope holds her firmly in place while Elise canes, kicks, fucks and humiliates her to her clim

Models: Elise Graves, Sarah Jane Ceylon
Tags: F-f, forced-orgasm, impact, predicament, strict, torture

Bailey is new to punishment and submission but comes with an eagerness to learn and please. Maitresse Madeline shows Bailey the ropes and teaches her that all little pain sluts have to start at her fe

Models: Bailey Blue, Maitresse Madeline
Tags: F-f, hot-wax, impact, sensory-deprivation, spanking, torture, zipper

She loves being restrained and giving up all control to a sexy dominatrix! Bianca loves the feeling of being in bondage and having her pussy fisted and asshole fucked.

Models: Aiden Starr, Bianca Stone
Tags: F-f, anal-play, impact, sex-analingus, sex-cunnilingus, sex-strapon, spanking, torture

She is paddled, flogged, nipples suctioned and hand delivered a staggering amount of orgasms. Again the bondage is extremely challenging for her, but she perservered and ultimately rewarded with pleas

Models: Claire Adams, Remy LaCroix
Tags: F-f, forced-orgasm, impact, paddle, predicament, strict, suspension, torture, whip

Rubber bands on the feet, nipple suction, and a nice firm ass paddling set our girl next door on fire. Mz slides a nice thick dildo into Serena's more than willing and actually dripping cunt and works

Models: Claire Adams, Mz Berlin, Serena Blair
Tags: F-f, forced-orgasm, impact, predicament, stocks, strict, torture

Finally the two sadists go for a simple but challenging hogtie pushup. Cherry has to maintain her ability to breathe while being fatigued by very intense bondage. As her muscles weaken, she chokes her

Models: Cherry Torn, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, M-f, hook, predicament, strict, suspension, torture, whip, zipper

Her ankles are tied open with a pole and she is given a very uncomfortable wedgie bondage predicament. Her ass is warmed to a nice shade of red with a thorough hand spanking.

Models: Audrey Rose
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, hairtie, predicament, strict, suction-tubes, suspension, torture, zipper

The pussy hook returns and is now tied to Andy's hair - making Andy elevate into an uncomfortable arch. Andy is challenged with a very intense throat fucking and face slapping session.

Models: Andy San Dimas
Tags: F-f, breathplay, hook, strict, torture, water

Weights are hung from her tits and her arms and legs are secured to a wooden frame. When he slides the spike board under her ass things get even worse for her. Laying down looked like it would be easi

Models: Cici Rhodes, PD
Tags: M-f, breathplay, impact, predicament, strict, torture

James only wants to fuck one hole now and blow a load all over her used up helpless body. But she came multiple times throughout the day and is feeling completely exhausted and satisfied!

Models: Bailey Blue, James Deen
Tags: M-f, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, strict, suspension, torture

Madeline places her in unforgiving wooded stocks bent over with her hands bound in wooden boxes and strap-on fucked deep in her ass while every orgasm is ripped from her sexy body.

Models: Annika, Maitresse Madeline
Tags: F-f, hook, impact, sex-cunnilingus, stocks, torture, whip

Not wanting to leave, she agrees to live the rest of her life in sexual servitude. Shot on location this update includes rough sex, anal penetration, hard face fucking, painful nipple and tongue clamp

Models: Cherry Torn, Xander Corvus
Tags: M-f, impact, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, strict, torture

Alice is violated with an asshook and nipple clamps, which helps to hold her in place as her feet are caned.Tied up in ball tie suspension, Bobbi ends the scene with intense measures of strap-on fucki

Models: Alice Frost, Bobbi Starr
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, fisting, hook, impact, sex-strapon, strappado, strict, suspension, torture

Everyone at the bar gets a chance to use this little slut, she is fondled by strangers, strap-on fucked by a cute girl in the crowd, anally fisted, made to gag on cock, tied tightly, and left behind!

Models: John Strong
Tags: F-f, M-f, anal-play, fisting, public, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, sex-strapon, torture

As she struggles she is punched and choked, fucked with a dildo and slapped around. She left as vulnerable as she begun, hard-tied to pipes.

Models: Asphyxia Noir, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, impact, predicament, strict, strict-gag, torture, water, zipper

Inside is where PD keeps his canes. Inside is where he has cold, iron devices designed to keep beautiful girls in the perfect position for punishment.

Models: Iona Grace
Tags: M-f, impact, public, strict, strict-gag, torture

All three of these girls look sweet and innocent at first but be fooled. Each one of them has an inner slut just begging to be fucked.

Models: Annie Cruz, Felony, Remy LaCroix
Tags: M-f, breathplay, impact, predicament, sex-anal, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, strict, strict-gag, suspension, torture

Her face is where most of the fun will happen. Cherry is an expert cock sucker, but she is not quite good enough. We need to see her suffer if we are really going to enjoy her. Sharp canings, intense

Models: Cherry Torn, Matt Williams
Tags: M-f, bastinado, breast-bondage, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, strict, strict-gag, torture

He has Juliette March on all-fours in a cage and the giant enema bag next to her really gives the plan away. He is going to fill her ass with fluids until she is ready to burst, make her hold it in un

Models: Juliette March
Tags: M-f, electricity, enema, public, sex-blowjob, strict, strict-gag, torture

Penny is suspended in the fetal position and Mark canes her feet and flogs her ass. He then crams his cock down her throat some more and pushes her to cum.

Models: Mark Davis, Penny Pax
Tags: M-f, analplug, breast-bondage, crotch-rope, hook, impact, predicament, sex-blowjob, strict, suspension, tickling, torture

Does the slapper make her yell more? Or is it the shocks of electricity in her cunt that will get the best reaction? How about putting her into a brutal strappado and whipping her tits? Something is g

Models: Holly Wildes
Tags: M-f, cage, electricity, hardcore, predicament, strappado, strict, strict-gag, torture, whip

Remy, Rain and Penny make up our trio of tormented twats this week. Each one is more excited than the last for rough bondage and hot sex. One of these sluts cums so hard she bursts into tears.

Models: Matt Williams, Penny Pax, Rain DeGrey, Remy LaCroix
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, nippletie, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, strict, strict-gag, sybian, torture

Watch as Justine makes all her fantasies come true by being spanked by a room full of stranger, getting fucked by a room full of strangers and flogged, clamped, humiliated and fisted in one intense le

Models: Audrey Rose, Beretta James, Justine Joli
Tags: F-f, corset, electricity, fisting, sensory-deprivation, torture, zipper

He wastes no time getting down to the business of making her scream. It does not take much to get a good screech so Elise may as well try it all.

Models: Elise Graves, Juliette March
Tags: F-f, M-f, drool, strappado, strict, strict-gag, torture

If they need to think up a reason to keep her around the only results involve her tears. She may enjoy a little bit of pain with her sex but when these two sadists get their hands on her it is more th

Models: Hazel Hypnotic, PD
Tags: M-f, forced-labor, hardcore, impact, predicament, sex-blowjob, strict, strict-gag, suspension, torture

Denali Winter wears a hot little dress while standing in her cage but as pretty as she is, Elise did not keep her around for her looks. She may look tough but once the pain starts it is very obvious t

Models: Denali Winter , Elise Graves
Tags: F-f, breathplay, cage, forced-orgasm, strict, strict-gag, torture

This is the story of PD-locks and the 3 sluts. They are Hailey Young, Alexxa Bound and Holly Wood and one of them is going to be just right.

Models: Alexxa Bound, Hailey Young, Holly Wood
Tags: M-f, cage, forced-orgasm, impact, stocks, strict, strict-gag, suspension, torture, whip

Mistress Chanel Preston, our resident sassy princess is back giving Micah Andrews a run for his money on his second day of training with the Bitches. He's tied, whipped, humiliated, hot candle wax tor

Models: Chanel Preston
Tags: F-m, chastity, hot-wax, impact, sex-cunnilingus, torture

In fact, having felt it all before just makes Claire that much less receptive to Cici and the sounds of her torment. It is how the cycle keeps on turning. Claire will punish Cici until she is just as

Models: Cici Rhodes, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, impact, sensory-deprivation, strict, strict-gag, torture

That is all she is good for. That is all she knows how to be. There is no use denying it. PD is not even punishing her for that. He is just hurting her because he knows she will do anything for dick.

Models: Zayda J
Tags: M-f, impact, strict, strict-gag, torture

She gets fucked upside down in an inverted suspension and treated to a cruel clothespin zipper. This whore got what she was looking for...

Models: Bonnie Day
Tags: M-f, impact, strict, suspension, torture, zipper

Whips, clamps, gags and rope are all going to come into play before the dildos even make their first appearance. Once Elise straps on, though, Alexxa really starts to wail.

Models: Alexxa Bound, Elise Graves
Tags: F-f, sex-strapon, strict, strict-gag, torture, whip

Until she catches up all she can expect is more painful reminders of how slow she is. And once she has he will probably just think of other reasons to punish her.

Models: Poppy James
Tags: M-f, strict, strict-gag, torture

Watch as this naughty slut is smacked, punched, and teased with painful nipple clamps while Alani can only look on from her cage knowing that she might be our next victim

Models: Alani Pi, Bryn Blayne, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, cage, pillory, predicament, strict, strict-gag, torture, whip

The contraption leaves her completely motionless except for the tips of her fingers. Her exposed ass is flogged and her nipples are clamped while her hungry pussy gets one last fuck.

Models: Coral Aorta
Tags: impact, predicament, strict, strict-gag, suction-tubes, torture

After being left buried in the ground for the day, her Mistress digs her up and cleans her off with a cold hose.

Models: n/a
Tags: F-f, chains, public, torture, water

PD sets her up and Elise Graves knocks her around. That is the forecast for Holly Heart today. I enjoy the look of determination she wears. It looks like she has resolved not to cry, not matter how ba

Models: Elise Graves, Holly Heart
Tags: F-f, hairtie, impact, strict, torture

She may find herself the main course of the menu if things do not go her way. PD is not quite THAT brutal, but she is definitely going to feel the burn today. All it takes is a swinging cage and an op

Models: Cici Rhodes
Tags: M-f, fire, impact, predicament, strict, suspension, torture

She is trying to impress PD by showing him what a good sadist she can be. She knows he can be one tough customer so Elise is pulling out all of the stops. Rain does not even stand a chance of coming o

Models: Elise Graves, Rain DeGrey
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, fire, strict, strict-gag, torture

If she were more receptive of the gifts he gives her this probably would not be so bad. She wants to be a stuck up little princess though, and that has a price.

Models: Elise Graves
Tags: M-f, hardcore, impact, predicament, strict, suspension, torture

There are very few uses for a dildo that can conduct electricity and none of them are her idea of fun. The same could be said for the suction tubes and pumps she has her eyes on. It is clear that what

Models: Zayda J
Tags: M-f, electricity, hardcore, impact, strict, suction-tubes, torture

While the Sybian vibrates the fuck out of Sarah's swollen pussy, we apply a row of clothespins up one side of Sarah's body and down the other. She finally earns her orgasm after the clothespins are ri

Models: Sarah Shevon
Tags: M-f, latex-rubber, strict, sybian, torture, zipper

She gives in to it and is moaning, cumming and licking pussy within minutes. She can claim it was humiliating and awful but her willingness and wet snatch tell a different story.

Models: Juliette March
Tags: F-f, impact, sex-cunnilingus, strict, suspension, torture, whip

The iron mask that Sister Dee is wearing looks terrible but the effect is mostly mental. All of the other equipment is much more physical. Mouse traps hold her cunt open so PD can flog her clit.

Models: Sister Dee
Tags: M-f, hardcore, impact, predicament, sensory-deprivation, strict, torture

He's buttfucked like the pig he is then used only as a tool for Goddess's pleasure. He releases his disgusting filth as newbies have no control and right into his mouth it goes. It's the Divine Bitch

Models: Aiden Starr
Tags: F-m, cbt, sex-analingus, sex-blowjob, torture, whip

His first trick today? A simple gas mask with a couple of unique modifications. After that he has a long day planned, involving a fuck-frame and her vulnerable body.

Models: Katharine Cane
Tags: M-f, cigarette, hardcore, hook, predicament, sex-blowjob, strict, torture

One by one clothespins are attached with string underneath, creating a zipper in long lines across her rock hard abdomen. Her voice quivering, echos through the wooden box and out through her neck hol

Models: Elise Graves
Tags: M-f, drool, impact, predicament, sensory-deprivation, strict, suspension, torture, zipper

Fans of Lorelei know there's nothing she hates more than being blindfolded. That does not stop her from coming like a whore when a vibrator is shoved inside her twat. How many orgasms was that? Too ma

Models: Lorelei Lee
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, strict, torture, whip

Her toes and feet are tormented and tickled with the cane and rubber bands. Pussy lips are clamped and stretched open while Ms Adams fingers her until she comes hard. She laughs, she screams, she laug

Models: Ariel X, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, anal-play, breathplay, hook, impact, strict, torture

Sarah is quite a sight hanging from the ceiling in a pipe swing, with her head enclosed in a tight latex hood with a tiny breathing hole. She gets whipped while clothes pins pinch her tits and pussy.

Models: Sarah Shevon
Tags: M-f, hot-wax, strict, strict-gag, tickling, torture, whip

Her feet and legs are brutally whipped to show her we meant what we said. The torment continues to almost a breaking point, and we finish her off with one final band snap to her asshole.

Models: Amber Rayne
Tags: F-f, M-f, impact, rubberband, strict, torture

She is a dirty cunt, a worthless whore, a fat ass with pig tits and a mouth just for fucking. And now it is scrawled across her for the world to see.

Models: Alexxa Bound
Tags: M-f, hook, impact, predicament, strict, strict-gag, torture

With cattle prods, the violet wand, the zapper, sticky pads, an electric anal plug, the Hitachi Magic Wand and a fist, Lorelei and I introduce Iona to Electrosluts, and show her that though we still p

Models: Bobbi Starr, Iona Grace, Lorelei Lee
Tags: F-f, cattle-prod, electricity, strict, torture

Cherry Torn Throat Fucked, Blindfolded, Beaten, and Abused!

Models: Cherry Torn, James Deen
Tags: M-f, impact, sensory-deprivation, sex-blowjob, strict, torture, zipper

Finally, Audrey is suspended with leather straps, while Gia violates her wet and willing holes with an electrical strap-on. Though Audrey began her session with the need for self-gratification, Gia's

Models: Audrey Rose, Gia Dimarco
Tags: F-f, electricity, sex-cunnilingus, sex-strapon, torture

I make her wet. But everything's been built up to her penetrations with an electrified ass plug and dildo, causing a successive wave of intense orgasms. She cums hard again and again very vocally unti

Models: Bobbi Starr, Felony
Tags: F-f, analplug, electricity, strict, torture

Still not satisfied with her, I shove the magic wand inside of her cunt and tease and deny her of any orgasm until she is ready to explode. The last orgasm shoots the vibe right out of her sopping cun

Models: Dylan Ryan
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, rubberband, squirting, strict, torture

There's nowhere for her to hide from the cock; the position is absolute. She can only accept the cock fucking back of her throat - she's helpless to do anything but cum and suck!

Models: Lyla Storm
Tags: M-f, hairtie, impact, predicament, strict, torture

Elbows bound, knees on hard wood, nipple suction, neck rope, breath play, face fucking, made to cum!

Models: Holly Heart, Isis Love, Matt Williams
Tags: F-f, M-f, breathplay, strict, suction-tubes, torture, water

They are caned, ass fucked, fisted, strap-on sex and have their pussies eaten for so long that their pleasure becomes their torture! Enjoy the raw intense action one more time!

Models: Bobbi Starr, Lily LaBeau, Maitresse Madeline
Tags: F-f, impact, sex-cunnilingus, sex-pegging, sex-strapon, strict, torture

Hot pain slut Cherry Torn gets pinned to the floor by unforgiving metal. She gets flogged hard and caned, and then we see how many nipple claims she can take on each nipple. Finally we make her cum wh

Models: Cherry Torn
Tags: M-f, impact, sex-blowjob, strict, torture

Her dreams continue to get deeper and darker and the humility is almost to much to bear. But that doesn't stop her mind from wandering to the darkest loneiest spot it can find. Female chastity, finger

Models: Aiden Starr, Kelly Divine, Sarah Shevon
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, chastity, sex-strapon, torture

Ass up, pussy out, mouth held open with the metal dental gag. Lovely. She is introduced to the agonizing ways of the zipper. Her mind is scrambled as she struggles with the sensations of pain and plea

Models: Remy LaCroix
Tags: M-f, torture, zipper

Cherry Torn can take the pain of the cane on her flesh but having to tell PD to hit her again, and harder, is enough to bring her to tears. She does not want him to be displeased.

Models: Cherry Torn
Tags: M-f, breathplay, impact, strict, strict-gag, suspension, torture

It is not hard to see that she was telling the truth. Her arousal is speaks for itself. Her legs are only spread a little bit, but it is enough to give a clear view of her dripping wet pussy. There ca

Models: Nyssa Nevers
Tags: M-f, impact, strict, strict-gag, torture, water

When she is locked into things like the spiked chair every little motion is another infusion of agony. Of course, even if she does not want to move, PD will be sure to inspire her to shimmy more for h

Models: Cherry Torn
Tags: M-f, impact, predicament, strict, strict-gag, torture

Her sensitive soles are tormented with the sting of the black bands. She bargains a cattle prod to the pussy for her orgasm. A fair trade indeed.

Models: Phoenix Askani
Tags: M-f, cattle-prod, electricity, forced-orgasm, strict, suspension, torture

Hailey Young is excited to submit. While she complains about the humiliating violations PD inflicts on her, her body tells a different story. She whines like she hates it, but she readily accepts what

Models: Hailey Young
Tags: M-f, breathplay, impact, sex-blowjob, strict, torture, whip

What more do to do with your slave when she is bound and gagged? Stuff her remaining holes with cocks and fuck her good until she gushes everywhere. She is bent over, ready to be molested and probed.

Models: Amy Brooke
Tags: M-f, chains, forced-orgasm, predicament, squirting, strict, torture

Skin is bound by metal into a spread with Alpha lodged into her. Lyla stands spread, restrained against the wall. Face smothering ensues.

Models: Lyla Storm, Skin Diamond
Tags: M-f, predicament, sensory-deprivation, sex-blowjob, sex-cunnilingus, strict, torture, zipper

There nipples are made plump with suction. Lyla's abs weaken and inherently choke Skin. The orgasms roll in while the struggle continues.

Models: Lyla Storm, Skin Diamond
Tags: M-f, breathplay, impact, predicament, strict, suction-tubes, suspension, tickling, torture

Bobbi cools her down by tying her to a cold, concrete wall. But Juliette's mind turns to other things as she's wired up with sticky pads and her pussy is made to orgasm at Bobbi's will with another ac

Models: Bobbi Starr, Juliette March
Tags: F-f, crotch-rope, electricity, strict, suspension, torture

Mei is probably one of the most intense masochists in the world. With the myriad of torments PD has devised she has come back for more. He restrains her in whichever way fits his plan best and then ju

Models: Mei Mara
Tags: M-f, cage, hardcore, impact, latex-rubber, public, sensory-deprivation, straitjacket, strict, strict-gag, torture, water

The 7 wheeled neuro wheel rolls across her tight as she feels every prick on every inch of her sensitive skin. Her nerves are spiked enough for the hot wax drips to send her over the edge.

Models: Beretta James
Tags: M-f, fucking-machine, hot-wax, strict, suction-tubes, torture

The confused girls are aggressively dominated by Mistress Gia, told to strip with no explanation. She shocks them with a pair of zappers, and then handcuffs them to each other.

Models: Gia Dimarco, Lea Lexis
Tags: F-f, electricity, strict, torture

The tighter the rope, the bigger the challenge. The more brutal the face fucking, the harder she wants it driven to the back of her throat. She was born to please and she will not back down.

Models: Lyla Storm
Tags: M-f, breathplay, hairtie, sex-blowjob, strappado, strict, torture

Scott had his first experience with BDSM with an older woman in a garage where she suspended him and whipped him into a frenzy. Scott hasn't been able to get to that same mind space again until, Bobbi

Models: Bobbi Starr, Scott Upton
Tags: F-m, cbt, electricity, sex-pegging, strict, strict-gag, torture, zipper

Her nipples are clamped double time. Her ass is stuffed with a plug. Now she is ready. The agony of the clips begin. A rag is placed onto her face and breathing becomes a privilege.

Models: Beretta James
Tags: M-f, breathplay, impact, strict, torture, water, zipper

Isis Love ties up and torments Zoe Voss in the classroom. Electricity, strap-on fucking, bondage, the sybian, and more!!!!

Models: Isis Love, Zoe Voss
Tags: F-f, cattle-prod, electricity, roleplay, sex-strapon, strappado, strict, suspension, torture

"The Dig": A BDSM Abduction Horror Feature film starring Cherry Torn, Rain DeGrey, & Iona Grace.

Models: Cherry Torn, Iona Grace, Rain DeGrey
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, breathplay, hardcore, predicament, public, sex-blowjob, strict, strict-gag, suspension, torture, water

Now she is sitting in a cold room, with a hood blacking out her vision, and the way her body is shaking you can tell she knows she should be very afraid. A brief look lets her know just how fucked she

Models: Juliette Black
Tags: M-f, hardcore, sensory-deprivation, sex-blowjob, strict, strict-gag, torture

Dylan Ryan returns to Wiredpussy to overcome her fear of electricity. She is expertly dommed by none other than the goddess Isis Love! She takes quite a beating and comes out smiling at the end.

Models: Dylan Ryan, Isis Love
Tags: F-f, electricity, hook, impact, latex-rubber, suspension, torture

Beretta James is new to BDSM and gets dominated for the first time on Whipped Ass by Gia Dimarco. These two sexy hard bodies delve in a day of tight bondage and lesbian sex with spanking, caning, clot

Models: Beretta James, Gia Dimarco
Tags: F-f, hook, impact, sex-analingus, sex-cunnilingus, spanking, suspension, torture

Beretta James is fastened upside down. Her ankles are chained down, her arms and legs belted to the metal with her neck strapped and chained to the ground. She can fuss around all she wants and the ex

Models: Beretta James
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, nippletie, strict, suspension, torture

The head-cage that Elise Graves is in is an absolute masterwork of malicious metal. It allows full access to fuck her mouth or fuck with her face. It keeps her arms out of the way and but allows PD to

Models: Elise Graves
Tags: M-f, forced-labor, hardcore, impact, sensory-deprivation, sex-blowjob, strict, strict-gag, torture, whip

Helping out at the clinic cleaning up the exam room, Nika Noire is caught snooping into Audrey Leigh's confidential medical files. The punishment is swift and harsh. Nika is restrained and electrostim

Models: Audrey Leigh, Nika Noire
Tags: F-f, electricity, sex-cunnilingus, sex-strapon, strict, strict-gag, torture, water

Hailey Young is the kind of girl who panics when she realizes she has no control over her situation. The kind that goes to pieces so quickly.

Models: Hailey Young
Tags: M-f, impact, sensory-deprivation, strict, strict-gag, torture

PD wastes no time in violating Nyssa. As soon as he had her bound her cunt was wet. He could smell her sex from half way across the room. It is the smell of a slut begging to be used.

Models: Nyssa Nevers
Tags: M-f, hardcore, impact, latex-rubber, sensory-deprivation, strict, strict-gag, torture

There is nothing that PD demands of Cherry Torn that she would dare not to give to him. She is locked up and at his mercy. If she had stayed safely in her prison she would have been so much happier.

Models: Cherry Torn
Tags: M-f, cage, hardcore, hook, impact, predicament, sensory-deprivation, strict, torture

It's Ariel X's birthday, and when Aiden Starr asks her slaveboy for a surprise gift, she isn't expecting a boring Tupperware saleswoman to show up at the house. Of course, these three fierce dommes ha

Models: Aiden Starr, Ariel X, Lorelei Lee, Yuki Mori
Tags: F-f, electricity, sex-cunnilingus, sex-strapon, strict-gag, suspension, torture

Why do these sluts insist on asking for things? If Hailey had just been content alone in the dark she could have saved herself a lot of pain. All she had to do was stay silent and PD would have attend

Models: Hailey Young
Tags: M-f, breathplay, cigarette, crotch-rope, hardcore, impact, strict, strict-gag, torture

Sophie endures hard bondage. Her nipples take even harder treatments. She has to mentally work through the strenuous predicaments in order to find her orgasms. Fail or succeed, she looks good trying.

Models: Sofia Lauryn
Tags: M-f, cage, predicament, strict, torture

PD takes his property seriously and trespassers are normally shot on sight but for sexy Lavender Rayne he is willing to make an exception. All she needs to do to do is convince him that she is worth k

Models: Lavender Rayne, PD
Tags: M-f, anal-play, breast-bondage, crotch-rope, hardcore, hook, impact, predicament, sensory-deprivation, strappado, strict, strict-gag, torture

Isis Love puts a local amateur model through her paces on Wiredpussy. She is pushed to her limits and made to cum uncontrollably!

Models: Isis Love, Sofia Lauryn
Tags: F-f, electricity, sex-strapon, strict, torture

We know Amber Rayne to be a very special bondage and fetish model, beautiful and very tough at the same time. She can take the hardest bondage, deepest ass strapon fucking,

Models: Amber Rayne, Chanta Rose
Tags: F-f, anal-play, impact, sex-strapon, strappado, strict, suspension, torture, zipper

When she doesn't make enough noise, she gets sprayed on her already sore cunt. She is denied orgasms. She screams in frustration through the wet cloth wrapped around her face. Breathing is difficult u

Models: Rain DeGrey
Tags: M-f, breathplay, hardcore, strict, torture, water

Phoenix tries to be as impassive as possible, hoping that PD will get bored and move on soon, but to him it is more like a challenge. She tries to hold back the moans when he is forcing a dildo inside

Models: Phoenix Marie
Tags: M-f, hairtie, hardcore, impact, strappado, strict, suspension, torture

With her face on display, she has no idea what to expect. Her ass in the air and her body restrained by the metal pipe system. I tenderize her pussy and ass before a big dick is rammed into her vulner

Models: Maestro, Skin Diamond
Tags: M-f, sensory-deprivation, sex-anal, sex-blowjob, strict, torture, zipper

Her pussy is wet, but it is hard to tell if it is the pain or the humiliation that is getting her so hot. PD has no interest in letting her feel good today. If she wants to earn her clothes back, tho

Models: Nicki Blue
Tags: M-f, ballet-boots, forced-labor, hardcore, impact, public, strict, strict-gag, suction-tubes, suspension, torture

That little strap of leather Elise Graves has around her throat may look innocuous enough but it is so tight that her face is turning blue. She can barely muster enough air to stay conscious but despi

Models: Elise Graves
Tags: M-f, breathplay, hardcore, impact, strappado, strict, strict-gag, torture

Nicki Blue has nothing left to give PD except her tears and her service. He has stripped away her clothes and next will come her dignity. Her pussy is wet, but it is hard to tell if it is the pain or

Models: Nicki Blue
Tags: M-f, ballet-boots, forced-labor, hardcore, predicament, public, strict, suction-tubes, suspension, torture

Ariel X turns supple Iona Grace into her personalized shock doll. She is taunted and teased to be in the presence of Ariel. With a mouth and ass like that, Iona is willing to go through it all for her

Models: Ariel X, Iona Grace
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, cattle-prod, electricity, impact, sex-strapon, strict, torture

You would think that Elise would be used to the kinds of games PD likes to play. Unfortunately it is hard to read such a twisted mind. He has an electric surprise for her tight asshole and no matter w

Models: Elise Graves
Tags: M-f, analplug, electricity, hardcore, impact, predicament, strappado, strict, strict-gag, torture

Nicki Blue wakes up in the morning to a screeching alarm and a job to do. She better make sure that PD wakes up with a smile on his face. If he is displeased this will be a very long day for her. He c

Models: Nicki Blue, PD
Tags: M-f, breathplay, hardcore, predicament, sex-blowjob, stocks, strict, strict-gag, suspension, torture

The radio may be busted for their road trip but SD and PD can get some excellent sounds out of Nicki Blue with the a bit of electricity.

Models: Nicki Blue, PD, Sister Dee
Tags: F-f, breathplay, electricity, hardcore, sensory-deprivation, sex-blowjob, strict, strict-gag, torture

The straps on her tits make them swell and turn purple. They will leave their own marks, but even they are not the real bondage.

Models: Rain DeGrey, Sister Dee
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, sex-cunnilingus, strict, strict-gag, torture

Lorelei administers brutal CBT. clamping his balls with a handful of painful clover clamps and flogging the shit out of him. He's tied, standing in a tough stress position and humiliatingly fucked in

Models: Jessie Sparkles, Lorelei Lee
Tags: F-m, cbt, impact, sex-anal, sex-strapon, spanking, strict, torture

Asphyxia Noir is tied spread with the unforgiving chain biting at her ankles and wrists. With a body begging for abuse she is pussy hooked as she struggles to keep balance on her toes.

Models: Asphyxia Noir
Tags: M-f, hook, impact, predicament, torture, whip

We start simple, spread, upside down, getting flogged and generally abused. It's not the "You can't hit me too hard I'm a porn star" kind of flogging, but the serious "hit me, you pussy!" flogging.

Models: Elise Graves, Matt Williams
Tags: M-f, crotch-rope, hairtie, hardcore, impact, predicament, strict, suspension, torture

PD is going to give Sybil and her tits a treatment that she will never forget. The suction cups he uses so strong they leave blisters behind. Every time PD pops her with the whip she lets out a wail t

Models: PD, Sybil Hawthorne
Tags: M-f, armbinder, breast-bondage, chains, corset, fiddle, hardcore, impact, strict, strict-gag, suction-tubes, torture

Sensi is bound in compromising bondage and endures the tazer, an electrified grate and being fucked senseless with an electrified strap on.

Models: Isis Love, Sensi Pearl
Tags: F-f, electricity, sex-strapon, suspension, torture

Maitresse Madeline throws Bobbi Starr a birthday soiree fit for a queen! Bobbi Starr, Maitresse Madeline, Aiden Starr, Kimberly Kane and a room full of devastatingly sexy, sadistic horny babes have th

Models: Aiden Starr, Bobbi Brixton, Jesse Carl, Kimberly Kane, Maitresse Madeline, Zak Tyler
Tags: F-m, cattle-prod, impact, sex-anal, sex-gangbang, sex-strapon, spanking, squirting, torture, zipper

Before I get a dick in her ass, she must learn to process hard caning. To finish her off, she is belted onto a cage with her legs spread. She is introduced to the mindfuck that is the pinwheel then co

Models: Tacori Blu
Tags: M-f, cage, chains, impact, sex-anal, strict, torture

She is going to use whatever she can for the job. It has nothing to do with the mind or soul that are inside. Claire does not care about her hopes and dreams. This is only about Emily and her beautifu

Models: Claire Adams, Emily Addison
Tags: F-f, corset, crotch-rope, hardcore, hook, impact, sex-strapon, strict, suspension, torture

No time is lost when she is bound on her knees. Arms pulled taught upward, pussy wanting what it will soon be rewarded. She is blindfolded with her nipples and cunt clamped tight. Whipped and caned to

Models: Dragonlily
Tags: M-f, analplug, impact, nippletie, predicament, strict, suspension, torture

Emma Haize attempts her escape out of the Straps Challenge to receive a reward of pleasure or be punished with heavy floggings for every article she can't remove. Little Emma is strung up, dangling by

Models: Emma Haize, Isis Love
Tags: F-f, M-f, predicament, suspension, torture

When Claire decided to push a little shocker right up inside of her tight little ass the first few pops were quite a surprise. Once Jade adapted she was begging for more jolts to help her enjoy her or

Models: Claire Adams, Jade Indica
Tags: F-f, electricity, predicament, strappado, strict, torture

She is defenseless and at the mercy of a woman who just wants to see what buttons she can push. If she was not such an insatiable slut she may actually be uncomfortable with this. For Dana, though, th

Models: Claire Adams, Dana Vixen
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, cane, hairtie, strict, torture

Exposed and vulnerable, the only reason to be here. She mentions to me off camera about how she's never done a zipper. So she is then covered completely with zippers. All or nothing, I say. The agony

Models: Skin Diamond
Tags: M-f, cane, hardcore, horse, strict, torture, whip, zipper

Ela Darling has a fear of choking so Isis Love immediately exploits that fear by tying her neck to her legs so that she must keep them wide open to avoid choking herself. Then she adds in electricity

Models: Ela Darling, Isis Love
Tags: F-f, cattle-prod, electricity, fisting, predicament, sex-strapon, suspension, torture

Lorna is going to have to learn: when Master A says he wants to see her cum it means he wants to see her cum until she starts to cry. She knows that she is his dirty little slut and she would not have

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, cane, strict, suspension, torture

Not many pain-sluts can withstand the full force of a whip across their body. The kinds of clips and clamps that make most girls burst into tears on sight are the same ones that make Mei instantly wet

Models: Claire Adams, Mei Mara
Tags: F-f, armbinder, hardcore, predicament, strict, strict-gag, torture

Being punched, pounded and pulverized makes Bronte start to feel hot. Claire just wants to get her wet enough to take every inch of her strap on. If she gets to use this fine piece of ass as a punchin

Models: Bronte, Claire Adams
Tags: F-f, cane, chubby, hardcore, predicament, strict, torture, water, whip

Sinn and Gia take advantage of this and dominate Elexis with spanking, bondage, nipple and tit torture, flogging and making her lick pussy and ass while being smothered.

Models: Elexis Monroe, Gia Dimarco, Sinn Sage
Tags: F-f, sex-cunnilingus, sex-strapon, torture

Dutch is then tied up on a bed of ice as a reminder not to get his dick hard and to forget about his pleasure while made to worship ass.

Models: Dia Zerva, Dutch Bardoux
Tags: F-m, cane, cbt, corset, forced-labor, sex-anal, sex-cunnilingus, sex-strapon, spanking, torture, water

They are questioned and the wrong answers result in a punishment for themselves, a correct answer results in a punishment for the other. Cherry receives the heavy floggings, Ariel receives the electri

Models: Ariel X, Cherry Torn
Tags: M-f, analplug, chastity, electricity, predicament, strict, torture, zipties

Maitresse Madeline straps her to the post, heavily flogs her beautiful body, puts her through a tough single-tailing, then clover clamps and whips her pussy. Dia is made to rip clothespins off herself

Models: Dia Zerva, Maitresse Madeline
Tags: F-f, anal-play, sex-strapon, spanking, strict, suspension, tickling, torture, whip, zipper

I give her a caning that leaves a bad taste in her mouth. The only thing to wash it out is to zipper her up and have her let go of the bowling balls that rip them off before, during and after she cums

Models: Sybil Hawthorne
Tags: M-f, cane, stocks, strict, torture, zipties

Chloe Camilla gets double teamed by hot blonde doms Lorelei Lee and Lily LaBeau with bondage. Electricity, and water!

Models: Chloe Camilla, Lily LaBeau, Lorelei Lee
Tags: F-f, anal-play, analplug, cattle-prod, electricity, sex-cunnilingus, sex-strapon, strict, suspension, torture, water

She's restrained in "The Wall" until she's dripping sweat from her perfect skin. There is great punishment and strap-on action and both girls have strong orgasms!

Models: Maitresse Madeline, Vendetta
Tags: F-f, analplug, cane, latex-rubber, pillory, sex-cunnilingus, sex-strapon, torture

314 wants a sick and dangerous man. She wants that special someone to use her, crush her and toss her away like a fist full of tissues. She wants him to look at her, know what he wants and take it.

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, cane, hardcore, hook, latex-rubber, sex-hetero, stocks, strict, strict-gag, torture

Dana Vixen says that her best orgasms are when she is suffering. She has not cum from pain yet, but without it the sex is just never as good. Before any vibrators come into play Claire is going to wan

Models: Claire Adams, Dana DeArmond
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, chubby, strict, suspension, torture

A good day for Catherine DeSade is any day that she can find a strong man to take her down and use her up. A day just like today. Damon Pierce wanted to wear her out from the moment he walked in. She

Models: Catherine DeSade, Damon Pierce
Tags: M-f, hardcore, hook, strict, suction-tubes, torture

PD cares more about the tools he uses against her than he does this pile of young, writhing flesh in front of him. Her body and mind are just things for him to bend and break for his own amusement. Sh

Models: PD
Tags: M-f, cane, electricity, strict, torture

A machine is lodged in her delicate cunt. Her fair skin is whipped to a redness to match the color of her hair. She is submerged in ice cold water with every breathtaking orgasm.

Models: Iona Grace, Isis Love
Tags: F-f, breathplay, forced-orgasm, strict, suspension, torture, water

This fair skinned cunt is covered in clothes pins to make the position that much more comfortable. Her toes are tied back as she strains while being finger fucked.

Models: Scarlet Faux
Tags: M-f, cane, forced-orgasm, predicament, strict, torture

For Rain Degrey this fantasy does not end in smiles. She came to PD because she wanted him to lay her bare and that is what she has gotten. She asked for a total power exchange; a way to give herself

Models: PD, Rain DeGrey
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, breathplay, cane, hardcore, reverse-prayer, suspension, torture, whip

Lindy is first pinned up against a post with her cute little ass puckered out. She takes a relentless whipping on her backside. Her nipples are clamped around the post keeping her hugged tightly to th

Models: Lindy Lane
Tags: M-f, cane, fucking-machine, hot-wax, predicament, rubberband, strict, torture, vetwrap, whip

What Berlin does not expect is to be captured in her hotel room in the middle of the night, strapon fucked, then loaded into the back of a waiting van and rushed off the Factory.

Models: Chanta Rose, Mz Berlin
Tags: F-f, analplug, big-tits, breast-bondage, crotch-rope, hook, sex-lesbian, sex-strapon, strict, torture, vetwrap

Her shaved pussy is just begging for attention as her excitement slowly leaks out. However, her huge breasts and nipples get our focus first. Strong clamps and weights are placed on each of her huge

Models: Bailey Brooks
Tags: M-f, breathplay, forced-orgasm, predicament, strict, torture

Dia Zerva is caught up in a tangled web, woven by Claire Adams. Every new devious design that comes up is met with a string of curses. She does want to make Claire happy, though.

Models: Claire Adams, Dia Zerva
Tags: F-f, breast-bondage, hairtie, hardcore, rubberband, strict, strict-gag, torture

Cheyenne Jewel is a pain slut, destroyed with pleasure. Massive orgasm overload totally implodes this whore's brain.

Models: Cheyenne Jewel
Tags: M-f, cane, forced-orgasm, strict, torture

He knows what she needs to feel tight bondage with a twist. He wedges some very nasty little surprises under the rope to make sure that it will leave some marks. Her pussy is going to bear the brunt o

Models: Lila Katt
Tags: M-f, breathplay, cane, hardcore, predicament, strappado, strict, torture

It is like being between a rock and a hard place. He wants her to call out. She knows it and part of her wants to give him that, just praying that it will make him stop. But she knows that that is jus

Models: Catherine DeSade, Damon Pierce
Tags: M-f, breathplay, cane, hardcore, predicament, sensory-deprivation, strict, strict-gag, torture

Super cute Chloe Camilla is tormented, cloths pins on her body are ripped off, made to cum over and over!!

Models: Chloe Camilla, Rain DeGrey
Tags: F-f, M-f, forced-orgasm, strict, suspension, torture, zipper

He's put in bondage, spanked, flogged, clamped, humiliated, endures CBT then inspected for three balls!

Models: Bobbi Starr, Dragonlily, Maitresse Madeline, Nikko Alexander
Tags: F-m, anal-play, cane, sex-hetero, torture, vetwrap

Zak Tyler finishes his Divine training by serving the Queen Bee. He's paddled, whipped, blindfolded and humiliated. Madeline teases Zak with a set of castration bands and endures tough CBT t

Models: Maitresse Madeline, Zak Tyler
Tags: F-m, latex-rubber, rubberband, sex-strapon, torture

Scout is put in a partial suspension and subjected to fierce CBT with the electric zapper, hot wax and heavy weights. Madeline gives one of her world famous teasing hand jobs edging Ned to the brink o

Models: Maitresse Madeline, Nika Noire, Zak Tyler
Tags: F-m, cane, chastity, electricity, paddle, sex-strapon, strict, torture

Sophie teaches him a lesson he will never forget but only after she gets hers by using his dick HER way then making him eat his cum from her stocking feet. Chad is bound, spanked, flogged and paddled.

Models: Chad Rock, Sophie Dee
Tags: F-m, cattle-prod, chastity, fisting, foot-worship, latex-rubber, sex-hetero, torture

The reward for unsatisfactory answers are sharp shocks to the pussy delivered by an electrified dildo sunk deep inside her snatch, and buckets of cold water dumped on her.

Models: Chanta Rose, Satine Phoenix
Tags: F-f, electricity, sex-strapon, strict, strict-gag, suspension, torture

Extreme bondage is no problem for Cherry Torn. In fact, she loves it. Damon Pierce is a sadistic man and she just wants to please him. She submits to him because he is strong and skilled.

Models: Cherry Torn, Damon Pierce
Tags: M-f, breathplay, crotch-rope, hardcore, predicament, strict, torture, zipper

Jade Indica brutally violated by Three Fierce Fem Doms: Air-Tight Penetration with Strap-on's.

Models: Aiden Starr, Bobbi Starr, Jade Indica, Princess Donna Dolore
Tags: F-f, anal-play, cattle-prod, double-penetration, electricity, medical, sex-lesbian, sex-strapon, stocks, strict, torture

Mistress Harmony has her bitch boy all tied up and wired with electrodes. She enjoys seeing him writhe in fear and agony, it makes her want to turn the voltage up even higher. She does what she please

Models: Harmony
Tags: F-m, anal-play, electricity, mummification, predicament, sex-strapon, torture

This gentle pussy gets pulverized by the mechanical dick. Without recovery time, Tara is dragged over to be strapped spread. The flip nine whip is used to attack her tender nipples.

Models: Tara Lynn Foxx
Tags: M-f, cane, chains, fucking-machine, hot-wax, strict, sybian, torture, whip

PD stuns her with some of his demands. This is going to be one of the most intense experiences of her life. If she can manage to please him, though, she knows the rewards will be just as powerful.

Models: n/a
Tags: M-f, cane, crotch-rope, hardcore, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, strict, strict-gag, suspension, torture

Boobs (Ruby Reaper) is chained to the wall and thrown onto a sybian. Her feet off the ground as gravity does its work smashing that hungry cunt onto the relentless monster of a vibrator.

Models: Juliette March, Ruby Reaper
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, breathplay, forced-orgasm, gasmask, rubberband, strict, sybian, torture

The pain is real, the audience is real, the hands of strangers fondling and fingering you is real, the orgasms are real, everything about it is real!

Models: Bobbi Brixton, James Deen, Princess Donna Dolore
Tags: F-f, M-f, public, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, strict, torture, zipper

Adam Russo has one to many martinis and can't help but imagine what it would be like if his maid, January Seraph, put him in his place for all his faults, vices and most of all his wandering eyes.

Models: Adam Russo, January Seraph
Tags: F-m, anal-play, cane, costume, foot-worship, roleplay, sex-hetero, torture

Agonizingly heavy corporal punishment and overwhelming screaming orgasms.Sergeant Major locks Lilla's neck and hands into some heavy wooden stocks and chains them to the ceiling.

Models: Lila Katt
Tags: M-f, cage, cane, chains, predicament, stocks, strict, suspension, sybian, torture

He wants something from her, she knows that much. The tension is thick enough to cut with a knife. She knows that mouthing off is nothing but trouble but the frustration is too much to bear. She forge

Models: Cherry Torn, PD
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, cane, hardcore, latex-rubber, sensory-deprivation, sex-blowjob, strict, strict-gag, torture

Berlin wastes no time in making chad work for her pussy. With a heavy bowling ball attached to his balls, she orders him to crawl around while in a strait jacket and other medical restraints.

Models: Mz Berlin
Tags: F-m, cigarette, sex-hetero, sex-strapon, straitjacket, torture

When the camera starts rolling, Rain DeGrey is already in tears. Cyd Black has her kneeling on the hard wooden floor it is excruciating. Her tits are being squeezed in a tight metal contraption and he

Models: Cyd Black, Rain DeGrey
Tags: M-f, analplug, breast-bondage, hardcore, horse, strict, strict-gag, torture, whip

This is for those of you who miss the formulaic simplicity of an empty room, a leather clad dominatrix and her fucking up a dude for no apparent reason.

Models: Hayden Russo, Isis Love
Tags: F-m, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, torture

Isis Love mind fucks the beautiful Cheyenne Jewel, tying her inches away from an electrified gate. Every time Cheyenne moves she zaps herself, and is tormented by the struggle to stay still while she

Models: Cheyenne Jewel, Isis Love
Tags: F-f, anal-play, electricity, forced-labor, sex-lesbian, torture

Crystal Frost thought the toughest part of being the with PD was just taking the pain but psychologically it is much worse than that. He wants her to beg him for the pain and there is something unbear

Models: Crystal Frost, PD
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, cane, hardcore, sensory-deprivation, strict, torture, whip

Damon Pierce has gone through a lot of trouble to get a product that we call Liquid Fire. Now Cherry Torn is going to tell him how it feels.

Models: Cherry Torn, Damon Pierce
Tags: M-f, breast-bondage, breathplay, hardcore, sensory-deprivation, strict, torture

Bobbi Starr returns after a long hiatus from being submissive to get tied up and dominated by Steve Holmes and James Deen. She plays a wife who is set up and gets caught cheating on her husband with a

Models: Bobbi Starr, James Deen, Steve Holmes
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After rolling the dice he ends up with a few dozen strokes with the impact toy of his choice.

Models: n/a
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Tight ties do more than just keep someone in place. For Nyssa Nevers the rope is like a lover. It gives her the strength to endure anything.

Models: Nyssa Nevers
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Ariel X strapped tightly in a straight-jacket with an electric probe stuffed in her cunt. Delicious struggling ensues.

Models: Ariel X
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Nika Noire plays Victoria White's body like a fiddle, shocking her senseless, slapping her back to reality, and making her squirt cum all over the floor.

Models: Nika Noire, Victoria White
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This hot update includes flogging, spanking, nipple torture with castration bands, humiliation, pussy worship and strap-on ass fucking.

Models: Chanel Preston, Nika Noire
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Suffering, screams and tears are not a currency that she can trade for favors. It is not some precursor to a romantic evening with an intimate lover.

Models: Cyd Black, Star
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Amber uses kade as a sex slave, tied down to her bed she rides him for her pleasure and satisfaction. After milking her wormboy's cock Amber flips him over in doggy, ties his balls with a painful twin

Models: Amber Rayne
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Haley's big titties are just asking for attention and not in the manner she has been spoiled with. Big titties equals harsh attention.

Models: Haley Cummings
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A woman of this caliber deserves more than just one man groveling at her feet and that's just what she gets. Derrick P and Vince Ferreli compete for her attention.

Models: Derrick Pierce, Nyomi Banxxx, Vince Ferelli
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Tati's nipples are stretched to ludicrous lengths, while she stares down at them, drooling and terrified.

Models: Tati Russo
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Imagine the humiliation when he is cuckolded by a women!! Gianni is flogged, clamped, and locked in chastity.

Models: Gia Dimarco, Gianni Luca, Maitresse Madeline
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19yr old Haley Cummings with huge "E" size breasts is suspended by her ankles and has a bowling ball hung from her neck and another on her crotch rope!

Models: Haley Cummings
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She's strapped to a post, bent back, weights, chains, nipples clamped and pulled tight. She came here to suffer and suffer she will, but not without it's rewards.

Models: Cherry Torn
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Carolyn is given one day filled with bare handed spanking, flogging, face slapping, humiliation, nipple and tit torture.

Models: Carolyn Reese, Maitresse Madeline
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With electricity pulsing through her clit and in her cunt she is helpless to stop the waves of orgasm that come over her again and again.

Models: Princess Donna Dolore, Sloane Soleil
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In bondage, she receives hard punishment including being caned, chocked and suspended off the ground by fingers in her pussy.

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Jynx is bent over and has her beautiful round ass spanked red in an OTK spanking.

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Cherry Torn suffers though a brutal Category 5 inverted suspension. How long can she last in this position as orgasms rip through her?

Models: Cherry Torn, Matt Williams
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It is a chilly morning in the mountains and Sister Dee has been outside on display all night. She will do anything to get in out of the cold. PD is absolutely willing to exploit her eagerness.

Models: Sister Dee
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Slave 314 has let her bush start to grow, but PD takes care of it quick with some well placed fireballs.

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The insidious device that Lila Katt is locked into is a must see for anyone who enjoys seeing helpless women in the most fucked up bondage. It forces her legs apart and violates her every time she tri

Models: Lila Katt
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She thinks that when PD brings her food it is a sign of love but really he just knows she will need her strength soon. The delusion of affection is hard to maintain once he has pulled her out of her h

Models: PD, Sister Dee
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Tati with the vibrator, then tie the nipple clamps to her toes and cane her all over her precious little body just to watch her squirm.

Models: Tati Russo
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She would gladly suffer through anything he can imagine. As long as she can satisfy his whims she can have that feeling she craves. It may not be love, but it is as close to it as she deserves.

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Amateur slut is bound and gagged with weights hanging from her labia. Every twitch causes her to winch with regret.

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She is exposed, cold and vulnerable, not to mention covered in the muck. At first she struggles feebly against her bondage but there is a real sense of urgency once the water levels start to rise.

Models: PD
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Most prisons do not allow conjugal visits but for a piece of ass as beautiful as Charlotte Vale PD will make a very personal exception.

Models: Charlotte Vale, PD
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She willingly submits her body to Princess Donna enduring tazer zaps to her sensitive pussy, the cattle prod, a painful suspension with electrical pads beneath her feet, strap-on fucking, chocking, ha

Models: Lily LaBeau, Princess Donna Dolore
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Bill is flogged and his balls are covered in clothespins. Nika sits on bill's face, smothering him and ordering him to worship her ass.

Models: Nika Noire, Wild Bill
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Her neck is chained off also, so she can engage in a little breath play. We suction Chloe's tender pink nipples and smooth wet clit.

Models: Chloe Camilla
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She begins shocking him with the wand, this makes him squirm and jerk, but every time he moves his tied balls remind him who's in charge here.

Models: Mz Berlin
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Dana thoroughly enjoys every moment of the coaches cock and let's her boyfriend "enjoy" it too by spitting her cock laced saliva right in his mouth.

Models: Christian Wilde, Dana DeArmond
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She throws ryan down onto the desk and shows him who is in control. Ordered to strip down, ryan is tied to the desk and Ms. Berlin subjects him to some painful CBT before smothering him with her ass.

Models: Mz Berlin, Ryan Knox
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Leo Forte falls deep into sub space like never seen before while Felony and Dia Zerva work him over with canes.

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Pain slut takes some brutal punishment & orgasms. Extreme cunt & nipple torment with rubber bands... fucking ouch!

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Lorena is a whore that loves to be bound, slapped, fucked and forced to cum. She'll lick ass, she'll have suction devices used on her pussy and she'll be gagged.

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Amber orders wild bill to crawl to her, to crawl to her pussy. She smothers him with her ass, making him beg for every breath as she torments his body.

Models: Amber Rayne, Wild Bill
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We can't resist showing her pretty ass some attention, so we smack it, flog it, and try out the whip. Angelica's ass looks pretty fucking good all red and rosy.

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Never have you seen a girl brutalized, beaten, fucked, bound and all over sexually destroyed the way Julie Night is in this epic shoot.

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Lorelei is bound in cold steel while James & Isis brutally fuck her in all holes.

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Then we zipper her straight down the middle of her torso from neck to cunt. We fill her with a dick and wait as the Hitachi rips orgasm #2 from our exhausted little friend.

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Several female vampires capture a defenseless man but instead of turning him, they have their fun first!

Models: Aiden Starr, Bobbi Starr, Nika Noire
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Sexy MILF is bound down, suffers hard caning & foot torture, extreme nipple pain & brutal fisting!

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Hot Blond, is canned, ass fucked & made to cum over and over 4 DOM's brutally work the whore over

Models: Isis Love, James Deen, Lorelei Lee
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Only wrists and ankles are tied, no other support. Hogties are difficult enough, but done like this it is an outright abuse to the body.

Models: Holly Heart, Matt Williams
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Rico suffers the consequence of a really dumb mistake: after telling Nika Noire that she's soft with the whip, Nika flies into a fit of rage and really lets her bitch have it.

Models: Nika Noire, Rico
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We lock Iona's firm, curvy body into a device that holds her on her tippy-toes with her back arched at a sharp angle.

Models: Iona Grace
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Nika Noire is in a coma in the hospital while Bailey Brooks; the kinky night nurse, does more than adjust her covers.

Models: Nika Noire
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Madame Wilcox shackles her subject to the jail cell wall and utilizes the bars to gain access to her tall subject, stepping & grinding her tall heels into his most sensitive parts.

Models: unknown
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When two girls come in to get birth control from the clinic without their parents knowing, they are tied up and made to engage in all kinds of kinky lesbian sex games.

Models: Aiden Starr, Juliette March, Lily LaBeau, Princess Donna Dolore
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Ms. Kim puts him through the paces in challenging bondage, cat-o-nine tails and cock bondage. She even makes him cattle prod his own balls multiple times to prove his devotion.

Models: Dylan Deap, Ms. Kim
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We bind Sinn over a wooden post in a standing doggy position, with a bit in her mouth and her awesome ass offered up to the goddess Isis.

Models: Isis Love, Sinn Sage
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Extreme pussy torture on the wooden horse.Hard flogging, a brutal zipper and now it's fun.

Models: Gia Dimarco, Isis Love, Matt Williams
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Anybody who's been hit with a cane can attest to its power. Ashley's torment is multiplied by 4!

Models: Ashley Fires
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Jason Miller Jason Miller desperately wants to serve Maitresse Madeline and he will get his chance but not until Mistress Bobbi Starr has one last day with him, and good thing because he really needed

Models: Bobbi Starr, Jason Miller
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Xana Starr needs a young stud with a hard cock to work her pussy. She makes dax cum in her mouth and snowballs it back to him an act of humiliation.

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FemDom Bootcamp: Episode 2 "Your cock may be HUGE but I'll do with it as I please"

Models: January Seraph
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The orgasms are intense, the fear is real, the current is strong, and the sex is hot. What's not to love?

Models: Isis Love, Lorelei Lee, Marie Luv
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We create a metal device to hold her in a simple doggy position on the floor. Harnessed at the wrists, shoulders, neck, waist and ankles, Kait is completely unable to move, except to bounce her hot as

Models: Kait Snow
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He buries her in the dirt first, to remind her where she belongs. The hard earth beneath her has jagged stones that dig into her stomach and sides.

Models: Cyd Black
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Payton Bell's hands are cuffed behind her back as she is lead into the crowd at Folsom Street Fair with an electric butt plug up her ass.

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Lexi belts on the strapon cock and goes to town on daniel's ass, taking out the years of frustrations on her bitch. She orders daniel to lick her toes, then to fuck her hard.

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If you ever wanted to get fucked in the ass by two of your sexy, sadistic teachers this is the answer to your fantasy.

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Complaining about her accommodations is a crime and the punishment is the loss of her nice warm shelter. Outside this pig is going to wallow in the mud.

Models: Trina Michaels
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Dana Vixen came to us looking to explore her kinky side and Isis Love is happy to use her arsenal of electrical toys to help her out.

Models: Dana Vixen, Isis Love
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Bolted to the ceiling, Wide Open for Abuse This is something you don't see everyday!

Models: Chloe Camilla
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The two of them are going to share everything for as long as they belong to PD. They will suffer together, pleasure him together, and cum in unison or there will be consequences.

Models: Dia Zerva, Sister Dee
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Luke Riley is paraded around like the piece of meat at Up Your Alley Aka Dore Alley Fair. He's dragged through the gutters of Dore Alley with his hard cock tied up.

Models: Josh West
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Maitresse Madeline and Aiden Starr spend their birthday with 40 local ladies plucked off the streets of San Francisco and one lucky male stripper.

Models: Aiden Starr, Maitresse Madeline
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Anticipation does strange things to your senses. The ticking of a clock is barely perceptible, but given the right consequences it becomes overwhelming.

Models: Sarah Jane Ceylon
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When her busty blond sub Devon fails to comply with her wishes Devon is made to write a letter of apology while being shocked with the pussy plate, spanked, and zapped.

Models: unknown
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After three days of training and a few events under his belt, Zak Tyler is really shaping up to be a well rounded piece of slave meat.

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Hot Asian MILF gets suspended, suffers weight on her HIUGE nipples, and is made to cum over and over

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She's bound in a tight hogtie and must keep her neck up to prevent choking. That's only the start of her predicament torment.

Models: Christina Carter
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Mia is a strong willed and has a tough time giving up control. Perhaps a little Sybian therapy can help.

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Marina pumped and compressed in a latex suit and hood while PD and SD whip her with single tails.

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Local babe gets strung upsidedown in electro predicament bondage

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Elise spends another day chained to a metal bed while she endures choking, torture and drinking her captor's urine.

Models: PD, unknown
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She's forced to service any man through her prison fence when she's not being used in the 'lab'.

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Charlotte Vale bound and left outside for the bugs and insects to eat her alive. Later her cunt is slathered with painful sports cream.

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Isis's techniques for hiring are a bit unorthodox, but very effective.

Models: Isis Love
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Pierced and tattooed rock slut is hung from her wrists and left to stand on plastic spikes. Then the clothespins and flogging comes in.

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Vince is drugged and wakes up under the power of her girlfriend and locked in chastity. To make this worse, he has to watch her fuck another guy for hours!

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Beverly Hills is subjected to tough punishment; blindfolded, spanked, zapped, clamped and of course forced to cum!

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Poor little Addison is trapped in a heavy steel cage while Mistress Isis has her fun zapping her with a cattle prod.

Models: Isis Love
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David confesses his masturbation fantasies to Maitresse Madeline and she takes advantage of his weaknesses with humiliation, strap-on and chastity.

Models: Maitresse Madeline
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Real life mistress brings her slave to The Armory for a day of humiliation, punishment, strap-on anal sex and foot jobs!

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This incredibly sexy girl next door suffers and cums over and over in her first hardcore BDSM experience. Nipple punishment and foot caning.

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Jade Indica and Amber Rayne suffer though part 1 of the August Live show, both are double zippered and made to cum over and over with Sybians.

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Tight hard body fucked upside down made to cum over and over.

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Madison Scott at 5'1 and 90lbs with huge DD breast is bound in a traditional Japanese torture position, make to cum and squirt.

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Aurora Snow metal bound head down ass up, comes again and again.

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