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We tie her nipples to her toes, we cane and abuse her sexy feet, and we jam her ass with a huge plug. The best part is the funnel gag, and that she is bound and helpless in a way that her pussy is dir

Models: Annie Cruz
Tags: M-f, forced-orgasm, impact, nippletie, predicament, squirting, strict, strict-gag, suction-tubes, watersports

He ties her down tight and pounds her cunt, ass and mouth with his big cock. He trains Mya well, it doesn't take her long to figure out that she can obtain her sexual gratification by begging for it,

Models: Mya Nichole, TJ Cummings
Tags: M-f, masturbation, sex-anal, sex-blowjob, sex-hetero, strict, watersports

With a new girl like Tricia Oaks you can always tell how badly they want it. The scent of her lust and anticipation hangs heavy in the air.

Models: PD, Tricia Oaks
Tags: M-f, chains, predicament, sensory-deprivation, stocks, strict, watersports

She is exposed, cold and vulnerable, not to mention covered in the muck. At first she struggles feebly against her bondage but there is a real sense of urgency once the water levels start to rise.

Models: PD
Tags: M-f, blowjob, crotch-rope, electricity, hardcore, predicament, public, torture, watersports

Lavender Rayne is a slut. It sets her apart from the rest of the world. Everyone needs to feel like they have a purpose, Lavender knows hers. A slut exists to serve and please.

Models: Lavender Rayne, PD
Tags: M-f, blowjob, breast-bondage, breathplay, cane, hardcore, public, sex-hetero, watersports

Elise spends another day chained to a metal bed while she endures choking, torture and drinking her captor's urine.

Models: PD, unknown
Tags: F-f, M-f, gasmask, hardcore, suction-tubes, torture, watersports

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